It’s Said That There Are 5 Stages Couples Go Through In Love – Unfortunately Many Break Up During Stage 3

Love is beautiful, yet deeply complicated. It allows you to learn about another all while learning about yourself. The journey to self-discovery and true love, especially through someone else, is a path riddled with twists and turns, ups and downs and crystal clear mirrors, all eventually leading back to you.

They say love makes the world go round and indeed it does, especially when you are on the roundabout with a lover or soul mate. We’ve been lead to believe that when you find your soulmate everything gets better and love is easy – I’m sorry to break it to you but love, especially true love, is never easy. Have you ever looked at a couple who has been together for twenty plus years and wondered how they did it? Well, firstly, hard work, and secondly, they chose to choose each other each and every day.

There are said to be 5 stages of love which couples will eventually experience when it comes to falling in love:

Stage One – The honeymoon phase…

When the attraction is mutual this can easily become without a doubt, the most exciting stage of love. It’s the stage where; upon first meeting, you are instantly attracted and totally engulfed by this human. You spend all your time thinking about that special person, you spend most of your time together and each moment is a literal moment of ecstasy. Hormones run wild and kisses are like fireworks, this stage is filled with fun, passion, playfulness and spontaneous adventures.

Stage Two – Things are getting heated, in other words, serious…

By this stage, about four to five months have passed and you’re still enjoying date nights, you hold hands when in public and cuddle during movie evenings. You kiss each other goodnight every night and your sex life is booming. If by now you haven’t already decided to move in together you’re probably talking about doing so. The honeymoon stage is slowly but surely reaching its end, however, talk of the future is on the horizon.

Stage Three – The mirror stage

This is the stage where unfortunately many couples break it off. It’s what I like to call ‘The clear mirror stage’. You see, stage one and two are all fun and games until you reach this stage. Suddenly your true love is an irritating, lazy, hypocritical piece of sh*t and you’re wondering why you ever fell for this person (which in defense of anyone who has called someone or has been called any of the above, is just some of the characteristics many of us humans possess.)

Anyway, back to the point; the gloves are off, and all of a sudden they are bringing out your demons, all while you are bringing out theirs. That’s the thing about the mirror stage, it makes you see parts of yourself you never knew were there. You start arguing about the small things and begin to make mountains out of molehills and eventually you start wondering whether you should just be single.

The point of it all is to learn from it and to grow while helping your partner to do the same. Sadly, many couples can’t handle the people they discover (within their partner and themselves) in this stage and decide to call it quits.

Stage Four – Realizing imperfection is a trait you both possess

If you made it through stage three, I applaud you!

Stage four is the stage where you lay down your weapons of defense and all the walls you built in order to realize that your person, just like you has his or her faults. This stage allows for the two of you to acknowledge the fact that nobody is perfect and once you begin to understand this, the pathway to a love based on compromise, understanding, compassion and most importantly, acceptance will become clearer and easier to walk.

Stage Five – Deciding to tag team life

Stage five in my opinion, besides stage one, is the most exciting! If you reach stage five with your lover you basically have a best friend, lover, and partner for life. You have reached a level of deep understanding of each other and now no matter what life throws at you, be it together or individually you can tackle it as a team.

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