5 solid reasons to cut TOXIC FAMILY MEMBERS out of your life right now

Some people go through their whole lives thinking they have to keep all family close just because they share the same blood. But in fact, that couldn’t be farther from the truth, because keeping toxic, energy-draining family members in your life is actually a terrible idea.

And here are 5 reasons why ignoring or completely removing toxic family members from your life can be a healthy and totally justified choice to make:

1. They only call when they need something from you

A toxic family member will only be by your side when they have something to gain from it. Normally, they would approach you for advice or comfort. However, as soon as they get what they want, they will disappear again. And when you truly need them, they will be out of reach. They will always find reasons to not come to your aid and use everything they know about you in order to control and manipulate you.

2. They overdramatize 

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve said your honest opinion over dinner only to be met by the shocked gazes and extreme criticism of your family, then you know what this is about. If they truly “love” you but make a scene every time you talk about your beliefs in life, you should at least have an honest talk with them to understand how bad the situation truly is.

3. They constantly jump between vicious attacks and sudden kindness

One moment they will shout and throw hurtful insults at you, and the next they will tell you how great you are only to get you back in their trap. They hate being ignored, so they will resort to every trick in their book to regain control over you. Needless to say, these fake approvals have a very short life span as they will inevitably go back to manipulating you.

4. They play with your mental health

Your mental health takes priority over their feelings. Regardless of whether a family member gets upset because you reject their invite, if they are sucking the energy out of you, you should not have to sacrifice your psychological well-being.

5. They gaslight you

If a member of your family endlessly claims that they never did or said anything deserving of a negative reaction from you when you and those around you know that this is a blatant lie – then you are clearly being gaslighted.

Don’t let them manipulate you in any way. Take action now!

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