5 Secret Powers of Eye Contact

Eye contact is a non-verbal cue that can convey various messages.

Although few people are aware of this, eye contact carries a lot of power. It not only shows that you are confident but it also allows you to read people: this, of course, is a skill that many people want. No matter how hard people may try to hide the truth, their eyes often reveal it.

There are 5 secret powers of eye contact.

1. The eyes will reveal whether a smile is real or fake. 

Everyone can and often does, fake a smile. However, there are very few people who can tell the difference between a smile that is real and sincere and one that is fake and forced. Psychologist Paul Ekman has found that there is one key difference between a “Duchenne” smile (one that shows true happiness) and a fake smile. The thing that distinguishes these two smiles is the eyes. That is, a genuine smile makes the eyes narrow and create lines at the outer corners.  A fake smile does not affect a person’s eyes.

2. The eyes reveal if someone is lying. 

It is a common belief that liars will never look you in the eye. However, it is precisely because everyone believes this that liars make an effort to make eye contact. If you notice that someone’s eye contact seems forced, it probably is. More often than not, liars “overdo” it and make it obvious that they are trying to hide the truth.

3. The eyes can reveal if someone is interested in you. 

According to Ronald E Riggio Ph.D., pupil dilation is a sign of interest. Riggio writes, “When we are interested in something or someone our pupils will dilate”. In addition to this, a study has found that people with dilated pupils are rated as more attractive than those with normal-sized pupils.

4. The eyes can reveal love. 

When two people make eye contact for a long period of time, it is most likely because they are in love. Riggio explains that this conclusion has been made following extensive research on love and attraction.

5. The eyes can cause arousal. 

Depending on the people who engage in eye contact, the arousal reaction can be different. In other words, if strangers make eye contact, one of them may feel threatened and afraid. On the other hand, if the two people are intimate, romantic partners, eye contact can be interpreted “as a sexual invitation”, Riggio explains.

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