5 reasons why LONERS are the most compassionate and loyal friends

Loners may be quiet, but when they love, they love deeply with all their hearts.

They cherish their friends, and they are always there for them no matter what. Their strong sense of compassion makes them great to be around, as they will listen to your problems, support you, and offer you their unconditional help.

Here are 5 traits of loners that make them amazing friends you can always trust: 

1. Loners believe in loyalty and integrity.

As loners spend a lot of time with their own thoughts while observing others, they know the true significance of loyalty in relationships and friendships. Thet’s why they are extremely careful when it comes to choosing their own friends. Since they value loyalty, they expect from the people in their circle to have the same mindset. If someone betrays their trust and disrespects their integrity, they are not afraid to walk away, no matter how much it will hurt.

2. They are self-aware and independent.

Loners are always certain of their feelings and are not afraid to express their true emotions. They have an incredibly high sense of emotional intelligence, which makes them fully self-aware. Moreover, being away from the crowd has taught them how to be independent and to focus on their personal growth. This is a valuable skill, as it means they don’t need to be validated by others to feel good about themselves.

3. Loners value other people’s feelings.

These compassionate beings know that time is something you can never take back. Therefore, they never waste both their own and the time of others. Their empathetic soul doesn’t allow them to disregard other people’s feelings. Besides, they have the incredible talent to feel the pain of others as their own, so they never judge someone based on details that reveal only parts of their true nature. What is more, they are always ready to stop what they are doing and help their friends whenever they need them.

4. They are always down to earth.

Loners never let themselves lose their temper. Their level-headed personality helps them calmly deal with whatever obstacle lies before them. Moreover, they perfectly understand than anger and frustration never solve anyone’s problems. These negative emotions only make things worse, which is something loners are fully aware of.

5. Loners trust their instincts.

These emotionally intelligent people always trust their intuition. By spending plenty of quality time on their own, they have come to the realization that they should always follow their hearts, whatever it takes. That’s exactly why they are amongst the bravest souls out there. Even though they might seem way too calm at times, they are always willing to take risks and explore new opportunities.

Do you agree that loners make the best friends?

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