5 Reasons Why Being Single Is Better Than Being With the Wrong Person

Being alone is better than being in a relationship with someone who does not deserve you.

If you are with the wrong person, you might argue 24/7 or simply feel as though something is missing. The clearest sign, however, is that you are unhappy. When you are in a relationship that does not bring you any joy, it is better to be alone. Even though being alone can often make you feel upset and lonely, it is not as painful as waking up to someone who hurts you every single day.

There are 5 reasons why it is better to be alone.

1. You do not wallow in regrets.

When you are with someone who does not make you happy, you begin to wonder about what could have been. This is especially true if you have been stuck in the relationship for a long period of time. Being alone means not wallowing in regrets and “what ifs”.

2. Life is too short.

Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. Instead of waiting for a lifeless relationship to make you happy, let it go and pursue the things you are passionate about. We never know how much time we have left: use it wisely, do not waste it on a person who does not bring you joy.

3. You experience freedom and independence.

When we are single, we have the time to look inward and find out what we want. We begin to learn things we did not know and we understand what drives us. More importantly, we have the freedom to follow our dreams and do anything we want. Being alone means being independent and free.

4. You deserve to be happy. 

Just like everybody else on Earth, you deserve to be happy. Sometimes, to find this happiness, you need to cut ties with certain people. If your partner does not treat you the way you deserve to be treated, walk away. If they are loving and caring but you still feel like something is missing, it is still okay to walk away. At the end of the day, we all deserve to be with someone who makes us happy.

5. You find out what you want.

Being alone gives you time and space to reflect on your past relationships and what went wrong. What is more, it allows you to familiarize yourself with your boundaries and deal-breakers. In other words, it makes you see exactly what you want. When you learn how to be happy on your own, you will not settle for less than you want, need, and deserve.

Remember that it is always better to be alone than with someone who makes you feel unhappy.

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