5 promises you need to make to yourself to be happier

To live a happier life, you need to learn how to be kind to yourself.

Even the most kind-hearted people sometimes struggle to love themselves. While we may be understanding, compassionate, and loving when it comes to those who are dearest to us, we struggle to be so with ourselves. Instead, we are critical of our actions and the way we look as we constantly engage in negative self-talk. In doing so, we essentially stand in the way of our own happiness. For this reason, we need to learn how to be kinder to ourselves, how to love everything that we are, and forgive the mistakes we have made in the past.

There are five promises you need to make yourself in order to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

1. ‘I will make peace with my past and my mistakes’

Forgiving yourself for the mistakes you have made is the first step in learning how to let go of the past. By letting go, you allow yourself to open new doors as you make way for new opportunities. While many know the importance of forgiveness, very few know that it is also vital that we learn how to forgive ourselves.

2. ‘I will accept myself for everything that I am’

Being critical of the way that you are or the way that you look is one of the most self-destructive things that one can do. You need to embrace your weaknesses, flaws, and imperfections in the same way as you do your strengths. If you can accept the flaws of your friends and family, why can you not do the same for yourself? Promise yourself that you will accept yourself the way you do the ones you love.

3. ‘I will pay attention to my mental and physical needs’ 

When we are stressed, we tend to disregard the needs of our bodies. This means that we make ourselves more liable to mental and physical health issues. For this reason, it is important that you pay attention to your body – especially when you are feeling stressed. Make sure that you carve out time for yourself so that you can exercise, meditate, and take care of your needs.

4. ‘I will accept that not every relationship is meant to last’

Accepting that not all relationships and friendships are going to last forever will save you a lot of pain and heartache. Show yourself self-love by not trying to hold on to what is already dead and let the people who no longer have a place in your life go.

5. ‘I will no longer fear change’

Being afraid of change means missing opportunities which could change your life for the better. What is more, never doing anything new because you afraid to get out of your comfort zone means that you will not grow.

Making these five promises to yourself will ensure that you live a happier and more fulfilled life.

The moment you begin to practice self-love and care, you will almost immediately begin to notice how you change.

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