5 Invaluable Lessons I Learned From Loving Someone Who Didn’t Love Me Back

Loving but not receiving love back is an extremely soul-crushing experience.

And when you live with the dream that one magical day the person you love will eventually start loving you too, you are only torturing yourself, nothing more.

I went through the pain of a one-sided relationship and there is nothing as crushingly painful as this. Trust me.

And here are 5 things I learned from this painful journey:

1. Say what’s on your mind

I spent three years hanging out with a person who was my friend while also being in love with them and nobody knew about my true feelings but me. I believed it would be better to wait for that person to come to their own realization of love towards me rather than risking to ruin what we had as friends. Believe me, I was wrong. I should have said the truth from the moment my feelings started deepening and save myself years of heartache and pain.

2. Keep your red flag radar on

You can always spot the red flags if you are careful enough. I, unfortunately, was blind and even though the feelings weren’t mutual, I kept on hoping that person would at some point fall in love with me. A person who ignores you, who you don’t see on a regular basis, who forgets your birthday, or who doesn’t put you first is definitely not someone that loves you. Look out for these red flags!

3. Time is precious, don’t waste it

Don’t waste time on someone who doesn’t reciprocate. Don’t miss out on other romantic opportunities just because you’re in love with them. If you are not getting anything back, it’s time to open the next chapter of your life and build a future with someone who sees the beauty in you.

4. You will experience things you never thought could befall you

I thought I would never stoop so low as to plead for someone’s love and attention. I constantly hoped and waited for them to call or text me. And I never thought the person I loved so deeply would get into another relationship without thinking twice, but they did. And I never thought I would let anyone break my heart, but I did.

5. You will dust yourself off and find happiness elsewhere

Thankfully, I was able to find new strength and recover. What I went through made me a stronger, wiser person. And for that, I will always be grateful. I have no regrets. Because now I know how it feels for someone to love you back with the same intensity as you love them.

I found my happiness, and so can you!

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