5 Definite Signs You’re Dealing With A Fake Nice Person

Friends are known for their ability to make us feel joyful, energetic, and understood.

But not all friends are the right kind of friends, and that is why you need to know how to spot a fake nice person.

Have you ever had someone be extremely nice to you, but then caught them talking nastily to others about you? Unfortunately, in the age of social media, we are finding ourselves increasingly unable to distinguish between a true friend and a mask-wearing fake. So it is about time we learn to spot those fakers and press the delete button on them!

And here are 5 things fake people cannot help themselves but do:

1. They go out of their way to please everyone

Fakers don’t just please others because they want to see them happy, they try to please everyone because they desperately want to be liked. They will agree with you on something, and just as readily agree with an opposing opinion. Long story short, they love to kiss ass…

2. They don’t like being asked questions about themselves

Some people are shy, reserved, or simply good listeners but they will still normally be willing to open up about their own lives when asked. Fakers, on the other hand, will do whatever they can to steer the conversation away from them and back onto you or someone else. This is because they don’t want to risk saying something somebody may not like.

3. They give you big gifts

Normally, gifts are a wonderful thing. But a fake person will give you big gifts – the kind you cannot hope to compete with – not make you feel special but to make themselves feel superior. They see gift-giving as a form of competition, not as a way to show someone you truly care for them. Also, by giving you a lavish gift, the faker automatically puts you on their list of “people who owe me”.

4. The only thing they respect is power

An honest person will be respectful to all because that is what’s best for everyone. But a faker will only be nice to you if you have something they don’t and they want it badly. If you are more experienced at work, they will play nice so they can climb the ladder on your back. If you have a nice social circle they’d like access to, they will be nice to you until you help them get in. And as soon as they get what they want, their respect for you will start waning.

5. They’re attention seekers

Undeniably, it feels nice to be at the center of attention from time to time. But the faker wants to be in the spotlight 24/7. People might be listening to your story, but the fake person will quickly find a way to make it about themselves so they can have all eyes on them. They can even do something like delivering a touching speech in your honor so that while it is still about you, people will be laughing with them and admiring them. And if you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t be surprised if they get their laughs at your expense.

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