5 Common Habits Of Bitter People And How Not To Be One

Do you know someone completely consumed by bitterness?

We all want to feel happy and we all want to live fulfilling lives. Although it may seem as though some people enjoy their bitterness, it is important to remember that nobody wants to be unhappy. This means that even those whose lives seem to be completely consumed by bitterness, do not want to be unhappy. More often than not, people become bitter when they have given up; that is, when they have failed too many times and when life has been “unfair” to them. Bitter people are the ones who fought until they no longer had the strength to fight. They are the ones who have lost hope and have become cynical. They are the people who have decided that being bitter is easier than being disappointed.

There are 5 common habits of bitter people.

1. They refuse to change

Bitter people do not see any need to change. They believe that the world is harsh and that they are innocent victims. In other words, they believe that there is no fault within them and that if someone or something should change, it is the world and people around them. Of course, this mindset will only make their life more difficult as it sets them up for failure.

2. They are cynical about the future

The disappointments and failures they have experienced have made them cynical and negative. As a result, they lack faith in the future and do not think that it holds anything positive. Similarly, they fail to see the bright side of the moments in which they live. Naturally, this means that they only further fuel their bitterness.

3. They hold grudges

As previously mentioned, bitter people believe that they are innocent victims. It follows then, that when somebody does something wrong, they will constantly remind themselves of how deeply they have been hurt and how unfairly they have been treated. What is worse, they will never allow themselves to forgive. Thus, they hold grudges and poison themselves by letting anger reside within them for years.

4. They are jealous

Bitter people are obsessed with the idea that life is unfair. They convince themselves that the only reason they themselves are unsuccessful or alone is simply that life has been unkind to them. Therefore, when they see people who are successful or in love, they become envious and jealous.

5. They drag others down

Those who are consumed by bitterness cannot help but spread their negativity. This means that if you spend time around bitter people, you will find yourself gradually becoming as upset and cynical as they are.

Admittedly, life is often challenging and painful. Nevertheless, we can always choose how we react to the events we experience and the people we meet. Every single day, we get to choose between negativity and positivity. When we choose negativity, we harm ourselves. When we choose positivity, we make our lives ― and those of the people around us ― sweeter.

Bitterness is venom that consumes its host.

― Matshona Dhliwayo

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