5 Bulletproof Reasons Why You Should Stop Proving Yourself To Others

We sometimes try to prove to the world just how great we are in hopes that we will be liked and accepted by as many people as possible, but we cannot please everyone nor should we want to.

The wonderful thing about us is our complexity, our vulnerabilities, and all our individual imperfections. When we accept ourselves for who we are, instead of who we assume others want us to be, we open ourselves to true relationships, true happiness, and true success.

There is no need for pretending. There is no need be someone you’re not.

You have nothing to prove to the world, and here’s why…

1. Those worth impressing want you to be yourself

The people who know you and know how important you are will never want you to be different. Those you need to impress are the ones who will accept you for all your strengths and weakness.

They will never judge you for your habits or the way you choose to live your life; they will take you along to share life together with everything you have to offer. They are the ones who deserve everything you can offer. They are the only ones worth impressing.

2. Nobody knows what’s best for you more than yourself

Let people take you for all that you are or not at all. Speak your truth even if your body is shaking. By staying true to your nature, you are giving the world a unique gift that it could never otherwise receive. You becomes stronger when you let your mistakes educate you.

Walk through life with confidence and don’t expect others to understand your journey, especially if they have never been to where you’re going.

3. You are the only one who can change your life

No one but you has the power to transform your life; it is entirely up to you. You cannot live your life in accordance to other people’s wishes, because they are wrong for wanting to change you.

They don’t have the right to do so and you must always keep that in mind. If someone asks you to change, don’t think twice about removing them from your life. Find the people who don’t judge you and are happy that you’re in their life with all your strengths and imperfections.

4. The path to greatness is paved with failure

Living without failing is impossible, unless you live like a coward, which means that you’re not living at all. If you are too frightened of failing in front of other people’s eyes, you cannot possibly hope to achieve ultimate success in life. You must remember that it’s irrelevant how many times you fail or how punishing your journey is, as long as you don’t stop marching forward. The reality is, those who keep going in spite of failure are inevitably the ones who fulfill their dreams in the end. And one day YOU can be among them.

5. It’s impossible to please everyone anyway

The people who laugh at your failures and never compliment your success are likely not successful themselves. Do not let them put you down and do not care what they think – they are irrelevant.

Never try changing who you are to please someone else or look good in their eyes. Do things the way you want to do them, and don’t let yourself be distracted by others. Only surround yourself with people who are happy to see you succeed and give you a helping hand when you’re going through bad times. Good people are hard to find these days, and that’s why they are so precious.

Be yourself and do not despair, you will make it soon enough!

Do you care what others think of you? What advice would you give to people who don’t know how to handle this issue? Let us know in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed it.

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