25 things I wish my daughter’s father do that mine never did

The relationship between a father and his daughter is like no other. Their bond knows no distance. It’s unconditional, authentic, and everlasting. Frankly, no one in the entire world can love a girl more than her father.

Sadly, not all dads manage to give their little princesses the love they deserve.

Some fail to be by their daughters’ side while raising them. Some are never there and always miss the important moments in their girls’ lives. And sometimes, tragically, fathers pass away before their daughters are old enough to remember the precious time they’ve spent together.

Regardless of the reason, growing up without a supportive father is always tough. No girl deserves to be left without her dad’s love.

Here are 25 valuable things I wish my daughter’s father do that mine couldn’t. 

1. Teach her how to respect herself and never let anyone mistreat her.

2. Treat her with empathy, rather than yell at her whenever she messes something up.

3. Give her life lessons based on wisdom, not brokenness.

4. Read her inspiring bedtime stories.

5. Be highly involved in her education and development as a person.

6. Teach her how to deal with troublesome boys at school and in life.

7. Show her how a man should love and treat a woman right.

8. Set a great example she would follow in her future relationships.

9. Teach her how to take care of herself when she’s on her own.

10. Remind her she can do anything once she starts believing in herself.

11. Tell her she doesn’t need a man to feel empowered.

12. Show her she is strong enough to take over the world on her own.

13. Help her understand the importance of mental health.

14. Let her know that the only superpower she needs is intelligence.

15. Hold her hand when she feels vulnerable.

16. Be by her side whenever she needs a shoulder to cry on.

17. Teach her how to set unbreakable boundaries.

18. Remind her she can always count on him no matter what.

19. Protect her from the hostility of today’s world.

20. Show her how to take responsibility for her own mistakes.

21. Let her know that kindness is much more valuable than all the material things she could ever have.

22. Tell her to never settle for anything less than unconditional love and mutual respect in her relationships.

23. Encourage her to be ambitious and boldly follow her dreams.

24. Teach her to fall in love with herself first.

25. Walk her down the aisle.

To all the girls out there who grew up without their fathers’ significant presence in their lives:

You’ve managed to become a decent human being, even though your dad wasn’t by your side when you most needed him. This makes you truly amazing and powerful. Never forget that! 

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