22 police officers left injured after illegal street party turned into a riot in first lockdown

22 Metropolitan Police officers were reportedly injured by rioters during the first COVID lockdown in the UK.

  • An illegal street party in Brixton turned into a riot on June 25, 2020.
  • The party was held by 18-year-old Ronaldo Scott and his friends.
  • When police arrived on the scene, they were attacked and their vehicles were damaged.
  • Scott has been given a two-year jail sentence, suspended for two years. 

During the first lockdown, an illegal street party turned into a riot in Brixton.

According to Emergency Services News, the Inner London Crown Court heard that over 20 Metropolitan Police officers were injured after they responded to reports of a riot on June 25, 2020. The riot occurred after an illegal street party held by Ronaldo Scott, 18, and his friends went out of control. Seeing the chaos that ensued, residents called the police. When officers arrived, however, they were attacked by the rowdy crowd. ESM further reported that the officers “were pelted with various missiles including large planks of wood and glass bottles.” Videos of the riot were uploaded on social media as the 18-year-old filmed the rioters threatening the police and damaging their vehicles.

Chris Johnston, prosecuting, commented on Ronaldo Scott’s actions: 

He participated in sustained and persistent unlawful activity. This particular defendant is one who threatened police officers with violence. He opened the van door in motion, and video shows if the driver of that van did not take action, the occupants of that vehicle would have been stranded and under threat of attack by the defendant and others. Because he filmed himself we can see how he was the main cheerleader of the crowd around him. He was highly excited and animated. He was also in possession of a large extendable baton which actually a stun gun. There is no question about whether the defendant has been stopped by police because he was acting in a way which was against the public interest.

Judge Jeremy Donne, QC, gave Scott a two-year jail sentence, suspended for two years. 

Far too many people decide to join in, far too few people tried to stop it. You are 18 years old, in a number of ways you are far younger. In reference to the disorder, my starting point is two years imprisonment. In respect of your learning difficulties, I am going to reduce that to 20 months. With four months for the prohibited weapon, you have 24 months in prison, suspended for two years. I want you to change your life, and you need to steer clear of those who get you into trouble.

EMS further reported that the teenager admitted to violent disorder and possession of a prohibited weapon. In addition to this, he has been ordered to complete “a 35-day rehabilitation course and obey an electronically monitored curfew for two months.” Scott was further sentenced to a “three-year criminal behaviour order, meaning he must not meet others charged in connection with the June party, enter the area of Lambeth and Southwark, or carry a mobile phone not registered in his or his mother’s name”.

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