15 Warning Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Victims of emotional abuse might not even realize that they are being abused.

Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse is invisible. This means that even those who are victims may not be aware that they are being emotionally abused in their relationships. As they are not able to recognize the abuse, victims are likely to believe everything they are being told. Eventually, after years of this abuse, they risk losing all self-esteem and confidence. For this reason, it is important to know how to recognize the red flags and take note of the warning signs.

If your partner does these 15 things then they are abusing you emotionally:

  1. They humiliate you – in private and in public too.
  2. They make you feel like you can never be good enough as they constantly criticize you.
  3. They ‘joke’ about your flaws and insecurities.
  4. They want to (and in some cases, they do) exercise control over your life.
  5. They do not value your feelings.
  6. They give you disapproving looks which make you fear them.
  7. They withhold affection to punish you.
  8. They mock your dreams and discourage you from accomplishing your goals.
  9. They share your secrets despite you explicitly asking them not to do so.
  10. They think they know what is best for you and claim that you do not.
  11. They blame you for their problems and their feelings.
  12. They can judge and mock you, but cannot laugh at themselves.
  13. They make you feel guilty for seeing your friends and having other interests.
  14. They tell you that you should be grateful that you are in a relationship with them.
  15. They insist on always being right.

It is important to note that this list contains only some of the things which emotionally abusive partners may say or do. In reality, there are numerous different things that your partner may do to emotionally abuse you. Simply put, anything which makes you feel as though you are inferior and unworthy of their love should be seen as a red flag. Furthermore, if you feel afraid of your partner and suffocated by their control, then it is likely that you are in an abusive and toxic relationship.

A healthy relationship and a loving partner would not make you feel this way.

The problem with many victims of abuse is that they truly believe that every relationship is a challenge. Therefore, they do not see their troubles and issues as stemming from something deeper and more serious. A loving partner would never make you feel afraid but rather, they will be the one person you will be able to trust. In addition to this, they will constantly try to push you to do better and be better by encouraging you to follow your dreams.

Leaving an abusive relationship will be painful and difficult but it is the only way you can save yourself and eventually find the loving partner you deserve.

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