15 times children renamed common items and animals and they’re all HILARIOUS!

It is a well known fact that the imagination of a child is unparalleled. 

As a result of this powerful and creative imagination, you will find that children can often come up with interesting words to describe things from day-to-day life. After Tessa Dare tweeted about a time her friend’s daughter called a crow a “Halloween Eagle”, she spoke to Bored Panda and explained:

Children learn language by drawing connections and filling in blanks, so I think it’s natural for them to invent descriptions and comparisons that we adults never see. As a professional writer, I wish I could recapture the inventiveness of language that Mia and other children have!

These are the 15 times children have been pure geniuses:

#1: Crows or Halloween Eagles?

Tessa Dare

#2: Mosquitoes or Vampire House Flies?

Terra George

#3: Rhinos or Battle Unicorns?

Zoe Tuinman

#4: Vultures or Flamingo Witches?


#5: Ravioli or Pasta Pockets?


#6: Pots or Stove Buckets?

Alicia Anne Creger

#7: Cemeteries or Die Yards?

Janice Simon

#8: AC or Cold Heat?

Sara ‘Mikoa’ Ebare

#9: Ambulances or Boo-Boo Trucks, Sheets or Bed Skins?


#10: Ankles or Wrists of your Leg?

Courtney Welch

#11: Earmuffs or Snow Headphones?


#12: Hush Puppies or Quiet Doggies?


#13: Cauliflower or Little White Trees?


#14: Big toe or Thumb Toe?

Shayna Thornsbury

#15: Dry cleaners or Hamper Store?


We don’t know about you, but we prefer the latter of each and every single one of these! 

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