10 wholesome pictures prove that cats can steal a dad’s heart

More often than not, when a family wants to adopt or buy a pet, fathers are the ones who object the loudest. They give a list of what they perceive as ‘logical’ reasons why they do not want a cat in the house. They will remind you that maintaining a cat is expensive because you need to buy it large quantities of food, take it to the vet and keep it well groomed. They will also remind you that a cat does not belong indoors: it will shed, make a mess, scratch the furniture — and the list goes on forever.

The American psychologist Dr. Chris Blazina has studied and explored the emotional and psychological relationship which exists between men and pets. He explains how masculinity was — and to a certain degree still is — associated with being physically and emotionally strong. What is more, this socially constructed notion of masculinity can be seen as the reason why many men deny the need for emotional support, and therefore, initially object to having a family pet.

According to Dr. Blazina’s study however, owning a pet could help ‘break down the emotional barriers that many men face in modern society‘. Furthermore, Dr. Blazina explains that men seem to have a stronger emotional bond with their pets than the people around them! The pictures below show ten wholesome moments which perfectly capture this bond and prove that cats can steal a dad’s heart:

    1. Dad: “No animal in this house!” 
      Also Dad:

      Source: meoconus
    2.  “We can’t keep it.” – my dad 10 months ago.

      Source: pinche_whey
    3. “We are never getting a cat.” – my husband.

      Source: kariiann
    4. He still calls him “stupid cat”.

      Source: ned883
    5. My Dad (79) went from “I don’t want that dang cat” to carrying her to “her room” for bed each night.

      Source: laurieatari
    6. My husband is allergic and hates cats.

      Source: scarlett_fever
    7. UPDATE: Over a year after Dad finally said ok to our (his) cat, here is big mechanic dad enjoying the fall fire with his little boy.

      Source: kerrycooper
    8. My father, who used to hate cats, and Linus, my cat.

      Source: EuqirnehBR97
    9. If your dad didn’t say “we are not keeping the cat” and then bond with her and love her the most, is he even your dad?

      Source: lily_r_g
    10. That was quick for the guy who said he wasn’t a cat person and has not ever liked them.

      Source: MamaTexTex

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