10 warning signs you might be on the verge of a serious mental breakdown

Sometimes tolerating things and people you severely disagree with gets awfully overwhelming. It makes you feel like you’re extremely close to losing your mind. You can almost physically feel the inner war between your heart and your mind. While your heart tells you you shouldn’t be putting up with so much senselessness, your mind is trying to convince you expressing your genuine opinion would be unreasonable.

This ongoing personal confrontation is enough to get you on the verge of a mental breakdown.

It is often a result of bottling up accumulative stress, anxiety, and depression for way too long. Eventually, all these negative feelings pile up, and you fall victim to the massive emotional storm you got yourself into.

Below are listed 10 telltale signs you might be on the verge of a mental breakdown.

1. You are having painfully frequent mood swings.

You could be feeling on top of the world one minute, and then the smallest, insignificant thing can make you lose it. While usually, you have no problem controlling your emotions, now you’ve been experiencing rapid mood swings way too often. It feels like you’ve lost control over your own mind.

2. You have been intentionally avoiding people.

Normally, you’re one of the most chatty, outgoing people in your circle. However, lately, you’ve been intentionally isolating yourself from almost everyone. Being around people severely exhaust you on an emotional level. That’s why you prefer to be on your own.

3. You are in constant confusion.

Having an inner war with yourself affects every single aspect of your life. You’re making silly mistakes at work, you’re putting salt instead of sugar in your coffee, and you’re searching for your glasses as they are on your head. As little as they are, these errors are messing up your mind even more and make you feel as if you’ve lost control over your whole life.

4. You feel indifferent towards everything.

When the mood swings end, you start losing interest in almost everything. There are moments when you feel absolutely numb. Things that usually entertain you seem beyond mundane. What’s more, you even stop caring about the way you look. The battle inside of you makes you lose focus on the things that matter to you.

5. You have been trying your best to distract yourself.

At moments like this, all you wish for is to escape this tremendously overwhelming reality. That’s why you’re trying to distract yourself from the little hell around you. You’ve been watching movies you usually find silly, you’ve been reading books you’ve never heard of, and you’ve even started an online language course just to kill some time. Whatever it is, you’re doing it only to keep your mind off of the things that are bothering you.

6. You have been struggling with health issues.

All the stress and anxiety you’ve been feeling lately has started affecting your physical health as well. Your heartbeat is going madly rapid at times, you’re experiencing incredibly painful headaches, and your hands are constantly sweating. The intolerance you’ve been bottling up for so long is starting to come out through every cell of your body.

 7. Your mind is drowning in negative thoughts.

You’ve started to believe there is no promise for a better future. As everything around you has been severely disappointing you, it makes you think there is no way out. You’re so hurtfully pressured by the circumstances, that you fail to see any hope for the days to come.

8. You have indulged yourself in bad habits.

The unbearable pressure can push you into adopting unhealthy habits. Oftentimes, they are nearly impossible to let go of. Sadly, these self-destructive habits can turn into something much more frightening.

9. You have been procrastinating more than usual.

As you try your best to keep your mind off of the things that deeply trigger you, you’ve been losing track of all the responsibilities you have. You’ve started working on so many projects, that you’re leaving behind the truly important ones. This also has a lot to do with the lack of concentration you’ve been experiencing due to the emotional burden you’re carrying.

10. You have become unusually unproductive.

While you’re feeling utterly numb, and you’ve fallen into a cycle of constant procrastination, you’ve become awfully unproductive. This affects not only your work but also your personal life. You’ve been unproductive with your relationships, your friendships, and most importantly, with the connection you have with yourself. All the absurdity you’re putting up with is slowly leading you into a dangerous path where the destination is the risk of losing yourself.

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