10 Things Successful People Do Differently

What sets successful people apart from regular people? Maybe it is their mindset? Or their skills? Or the way they spend their time? Or the way they start their day? All these factors play important roles for achieving success but if you want to learn more about what successful people do differently than others, read along.
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1.  Keeping a positive mindset

There are scientific studies that have proven that keeping a positive attitude before an important experience can significantly boost your mental abilities. For example, for a study doctors were put in a positive mood just before they had to make a diagnosis. The results showed that they have made more accurate diagnosis 20% faster than doctors in a neutral state. This means our minds tend to perform at their best when we have a positive approach. This is why successful people don’t waste their time struggling with their negative emotions. They have learned that keeping a positive mindset can take them a long way.

2.  Planning vs. Action

Often times we are sabotaging ourselves by planning things too much and doing too little. This trap is based on nothing but fear. We are lying to ourselves that the “right time” hasn’t come yet. But if we are constantly waiting for the proper time, we can get stuck in one place for way too much time and never really put our plans into action. What sets successful people apart from unsuccessful ones is that successful people are actually taking action every single day rather than waiting for a sign or the right moment. Next time you catch yourself stuck, remember that true progress happens only NOW and not tomorrow.

3. Morning rituals for a fresh start of the day

It is not surprising that most successful people consistently follow their own morning routines. That means they practice the same rituals every morning to get them ready for the day. Having an effective morning routine helps you in many ways: you feel more energetic, productive and joyful through the day. Also, when you start your day the proper way, you can handle stress better. For example, going for a jog as soon as you wake up will leave you feeling super fresh and it will actually make you happier. Breaking a sweat first thing in the morning rids you of the toxins your body holds and gives you an endorphin rush. Although there are various morning routines that you can try, choose the activities that suit you best and that make you feel fresh. When you choose the proper rituals for you, try to do them every day. In that way you will feel more in control and will handle anxiety and stress better.

4.  Visualization

Setting goals is necessary for a person to become successful. But it is more important to remember to visualize your goals every day as it will help you in several different ways: it stimulates your creative nature and you will be able to think of more and better ways to achieve your goal. It also builds up your motivation to chase after what you desire most. In order to form the habit of visualization, successful people use reminders around them to keep them motivated. They either stick notes or pictures of their dreams anywhere they can see them while they work.

5. Having mentors

We all have people who we look up to, who we admire and who are a source for inspiration for us. Successful people do, too. But what most of them do in order to achieve their goals is they talk to the ones who they admire. They ask questions about their life paths, hardships and how they overcame them. Hearing other successful people’s stories, lessons and experiences is a really resourceful way to learn new helpful things and even life hacks.
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6.  Embracing the hardships

Many of the greatest works of art (paintings, songs etc.) are inspired by the pain and emotional suffering of the artists. That is not surprising because it is proven that hardships inspire a person’s growth in many different ways. This condition is known as Post-Traumatic Growth in the psychology fields. It leads to the belief that when going through a difficult time people have a high potential of developing new intellectual and creative ideas, strength and gratitude. It is normal for people to shift the way they see the world when they have gone through some kind of trauma because they have seen their previous perspective of the world crumble. Seeing things with new eyes promotes personal growth and emotional strength.

7.  Prioritizing tasks the right way

Many people are struggling with the amount of time they have to get things done. We often hear expressions like “I don’t have time for this…”, but why do some people seem to make time for everything they want? It is no secret that we all are given exactly the same amount of time every day. We all have 24h and the only difference is how we spend it. The problem might be that we are not prioritizing our activities the right way. We are constantly trying to learn how to handle our responsibilities more quickly but we are not asking the question “Do I really need to do this right now?” Complaining we have so little time is silly if we are managing our tasks as we have infinite amount of hours. So, we better start thinking of what really matters to us so that we can enjoy our time to the fullest.
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8. Being uncomfortable

The best way to gain new skills and to learn in general is through personal experience and discomfort. We all have fallen into the trap of our comfort zones at some point of our lives. There are people who actually don’t want to leave that place but we all know that it is a risky thing to do because after all, nothing grows there. Successful people are passionate to  learn and try new things. That is why living beyond their level of comfort is a must for them. They know that in order to grow, they need to stretch themselves to their limits every day. And the more they do that, the faster they learn.

9.  Handling criticism

Successful people know how to handle criticism. They also can make a difference between negative criticism and constructive criticism. It is important to learn to let go of the negative one and to take notes when someone is giving you an honest and useful feedback. That way you will not be overwhelmed with the negativity of the critics and in the same time you will be open to learn new stuff that can help you grow on the way to your goals.
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10.  Personal journal

Successful people keep a journal. Some good examples of that are J.K. Rowling, Eminem, Oprah. Journals help you track your progress and remind yourself of the goals you want to achieve. Successful people take notes of what they have accomplished and of past mistakes they don’t want to make again. It is a way to reflect on your life and a tool to help you be in touch with yourself.
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