10 Things a True Gentleman Does Differently

Manners maketh man. Unfortunately, gentlemen seem to be out of style these days. In today’s world, chivalry is being more and more disregarded. What’s more, people are being shamed for showing courtesy and being kind to others.

But being a gentleman means being respectful, empathetic, and considerate of others’ feelings. It means having integrity, nobility, and dignity. How can this be shameful?

Here are 10 admirable traits of a true gentleman we need to bring back in style: 

A real gentleman…

1. Listens. 

When someone confides in you, you have to respect the trust they have for you and be attentive. Even if it’s a simple everyday conversation, you should listen closely, as you might miss small but valuable details about this person otherwise. Don’t check your phone, don’t look at your watch every five seconds, just listen. Be present in the moment and let the one talking know that their words matter.

2. Keeps a secret. 

And when someone tells you a secret, you keep it. Sharing secrets is another way of letting a person know you believe in their trustworthiness. So when a person values you enough to tell you something in confidence, return the favor and don’t let it slip out.

3. Is well-behaved. 

Having courtesy and showing good manners is essential. Sadly, being polite these days is incredibly rare, and gentlemen are hard to find. Nevertheless, being well-behaved, knowing when to say “please” and “thank you,” holding the door for others, offering your seat to an elderly person, and doing other small acts of kindness for those around you is what makes you a real gentleman.

4. Is punctual. 

Time is perhaps the most precious resource we have. That’s exactly why we must cherish every moment and respect the time of others as well. Arriving late simply shows a lack of consideration and gives the impression that you don’t care about anyone else but yourself.

5. Is never rude.

A rude gentleman is nothing but an oxymoron. To be a gentleman, in its essence, means to be noble, chivalrous, and, well, gentle. In other words, it means being exactly the opposite of rude. Being polite doesn’t cost you anything, but it does so much for the way people perceive you, so you might as well try it.

6. Keeps his word.

Actions speak louder than words. But when you say you are going to do something, people expect you to keep your word, as this should be the right thing to do. As they say, “a man is only ad good as his word.”

7. Protects those who cannot protect themselves.

Gentlemen are protective of the weak, the innocent, and the ones who cannot defend themselves. In a way, they are superheroes in disguise, as they stand for justice, integrity, and fairness. Whenever they see someone struggling to protect themselves, these modern warriors are always ready to jump in and help, even if it means risking their own life.

8. Values honesty. 

Being honest is a great form of showing respect. Sometimes the truth may hurt, but it is much more valuable than all the lies that try to hide it. Any gentleman knows this, which s why he values honesty deeply, and he tries to be as honest as he can be himself.

9. Does not promote violence.

As already mentioned, gentlemen are protective, not abusive. Not only do chevaliers never hit women, but they never allow themselves to give in to their anger in any situation, no matter how frustrating it is. That’s because they are perfectly aware that violence doesn’t solve anything and, instead, it ignites more violence.

10. Gets things done. 

You can always rely on a gentleman to keep his word and get the job done. Whenever your car breaks down, your light bulb needs to be changed, or you can’t open that peanut butter jar, you can count on him to give you a hand. Even if he is not an expert at fixing cars, for example, he would do everything in his power to help. Because that’s how kind and devoted gentlemen are.

Do you agree that we need to bring chivalry back in style? Let us know in the comment section!

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