10 Heart-melting Things Men Do When They’re Falling In Love With You

When a man loves a woman, he overcomes his fears and becomes the superhero of her dreams.

He goes to infinity and beyond just to see her. Frankly, sometimes men can be far more romantic than women, especially when they’re in love.

Here are 10 sweet things he does when he is falling in love with you.

1. He remembers every little thing.

When a man truly cares about you, he makes an effort to remember the little things about you. He remembers what makes you smile, what makes you sad, the way you drink your coffee, and why you love ‘Friends’ so much. He knows all these things because you have become a significant part of his life and he wants you to remain that way.

2. He listens carefully.

And the reason why he remembers all these little things? He listens. He’s so into you that he soaks up every single word you say. If a man is deeply in love, he would do anything to get your attention. Therefore, he would want to learn every detail of your wonderfully complicated personality.

3. He teases you.

Indeed, guys can get quite childish when they’re in love. Remember when in kindergarten boys who liked girls used to pull their hair and run away? Well, they still do pretty much the same. They love to see a little fire sparking in your eyes whenever they say a sarcastic comment or do something else to get on your nerve. And they light up whenever you respond to their little games with the same enthusiasm.

4. He shows you his vulnerable side.

When a man has developed strong feelings for you, he lets himself be vulnerable while in your company. That’s because he trusts you enough to believe you won’t take advantage of his true feelings and fragile emotions. This way, he shows you he is ready to crush the walls around his heart to let you in.

 5. He acts tough around you.

In the presence of the woman they love, men can become real-life superheroes. They will carry the heavy shopping bags, they will open every single door in front of you, they will even offer to carry your purse. They don’t really care if they’re going to look stupid, as long as this makes you smile. All they want is for you to notice them, and perceive them as strong, tough guys, who are also kind and giving at the same time.

6. He tells everyone about you.

Men are the sweetest when they’re in love. They start telling everyone about how amazing their crush is. In their eyes, you are the best thing that has ever happened to them, so bragging about how wonderful you are makes them truly happy.

7. He thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the world.

If a man is in love with you, he would believe in his heart there is no other more beautiful and charming than you. He would literally look you in your eyes when your hair is all messed up, and your face is just not having a great day, and he would see you as the most amazing person he’s ever met. When people are in love, they are blind to their partners’ flaws and imperfections.

8. He shows interest in your friends and family.

Your friends may be quite annoying, and your parents may be clingier than acceptable, but if he’s in love with you, he wouldn’t care. Instead, he would do what’s needed to become a valuable part of your world and fit in with the people in your circle. As he realizes these are the people who truly matter to you, he would be glad to listen to your father’s stories or spend time with your chatty friends.

9. He makes your happiness his priority.

When a man has deep feelings for you, he would do anything to make you happy. He wants you to know you can count on him, and he loves being the reason for your smile. Your happiness becomes more important than his personal comfort, and sometimes, even than his own happiness.

10. He goes the extra mile.

A man in love would catch an overseas flight just to knock on your door. He would drive for four hours just to see you for one. He would truly go this extra mile just to steal some time with you and see your gorgeous smile. When men are in love, they don’t care about space, time, or selfishness. They simply want to be around you regardless of the effort they need to make.

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