10 Things Men Do That Make Their Partner Crazy (In A Good Way.)

Sometimes it’s not about when a man brings you flowers or where you go for ‘date night that month, sometimes it’s more about the little things he does that makes the sound of those wedding bells appear in your ear…

Here are 10 things men do that make their partners crazy (in a good way.)

1: Rolls up his sleeves.

You would think when asked, “What part of a man do you find most sexy?” the answer would be….their eyes, or their hips, but apparently for a lot of women it is a mans forearm. “There is something about seeing a man roll up his sleeves at the end of the day that makes me weak at the knees.” I guess there is something quite sexy about a hard working man. Keep hustling gentlemen, the ladies love it.

2: When he cooks.

Every lady loves the idea of coming home and seeing her man in the kitchen especially when it’s been a long day of powerpoint presentations and nonstop emails, so when it actually happens, when you walk through your front door and that smell of Chinese takeout food hits you hard… well, it was the thought that counted and you still love him anyway.

3: Kind to animals.

Does anybody here follow ‘Nick Bateman’ on Instagram? No, just me? Okaaay then. Well, ladies and gentlemen, he happens to be quite the beautiful human who is constantly posting photographs with the most adorable animals. If you already have your version of a Nick Bateman who is just as crazy as animals as you are then bravo. There is nothing more attractive than a man who cares deeply for animals, it lets us know he’s in touch with his soul (or so I read) but seriously, kudos to all those animal lovers out there, you guys are sexy and we love it.

4: Speaks with passion.

There is something about a man who speaks with passion, maybe he’s passionate about his job, his car or even a particular sport and you might not necessarily have the same interests but just hearing the way they speak about it with such enthusiasm and fire is super attractive. One lady once told me “My husband is Italian and sometimes I don’t understand half the things he’s talking about, but when he speaks, he speaks with passion and I love it.”

5: When he concentrates hard.

I love the tiny frown lines my partner gets in the middle of his brow line when he is concentrating hard on something, I couldn’t tell you what it is about them, but that’s why I’m constantly giving him things to fix (sshhh)

6: Holds a conversation.

When a man or woman can hold a conversation with you I think it puts them at the top of your list, you know, that pro’s and con’s list you make in your head when you first start dating. For me, I love those 3 am conversations that myself and my partner have about all sorts of things; the universe, space, places we want to visit, stranger things, what happened to Eleven? you name it, whatever we talk about, I love it, and we don’t tend to disagree on much, he learned long ago that I am always right.

7: When he winks at you.

There is something so intimate about your partner staring at you in a crowded room and giving you that look that is then followed by a subtle wink, it’s like your own private language and it gives you butterflies like nothing else.

8. When he’s sleeping.

Call me creepy but I love watching my partner sleep, he’s just the cutest thing. And no, it’s not because he’s finally quite and I can now finally watch One tree hill with the rest of my caramel swirl fudge brownie ice cream in peace without judgment. It’s totally all about how cute he looks.

9: When he hugs you from behind.

Sometimes a hug is so powerful you don’t even realise how much you need one until your partner comes swooping in and grabs you from behind and tells you how much he loves you. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate that.

10: When he’s kind to your loved ones.

We all pray that our other half is going to be accepted by our parents and our friends and nothing says I love you more than watching him be so kind and loving to those you care about so deeply. *Hears wedding bells again*

So there you have it gents, you make us nuts half the time but we do appreciate the little things. (Just don’t forget your anniversary or you’ll never hear the end of it.)

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