Your partner should be your lover and your best friend. Anything less than that is not worth it

Someone once said: “If love doesn’t feel like 90’s R’n’B, I don’t want it.” It’s all about the vibe you and your partner share. It’s the genuine friendship between two souls that evolves into unconditional love. Anything less than that is just not worth it.

Your partner should be both your lover and your best friend. Don’t settle for anything less than that.

Time flies by before our eyes. Life meets us with various souls. Some just pass over, while others connect to our own souls and leave us with heartfelt memories. Undeniably, the most valuable ones are those whom we choose to keep. We choose them not because they have the most interesting stories or the most brilliant minds, but because something about them touched us in a way no one else could. That special connection is worth the effort.

But if the vibe is missing, what’s the point? Why would you give up and settle for someone who doesn’t even let you be yourself? Why would you choose to be with a partner who blocks your personal growth and limits your opportunities?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the patience to wait for someone whose mind will click with yours and will love you the way you deserve?

The best partners are those who respect each other’s boundaries and find a balance between each other’s worlds. They encourage each other to dream big and never stop reaching for the stars. They invest time and energy into one another’s growth. Their definition of happiness is seeing the other one happy. Their relationship is not about co-dependency but about living in harmony.

You deserve that. You deserve to be loved deeply and valued for the person you truly are. Your partner needs to be someone who cannot wait to explore all of your colors and dive deep into your complex mind. They should recognize your light and do whatever it takes to make you shine brighter. Every time you look into each other’s eyes, your hearts should start beating with the same rhythm.

Your pure soul deserves to be in the hands of someone who will appreciate every single part of it, even the darkest ones. 

So choose to be patient. Wait for the person who will show you what it means to be truly loved. Wait for the one who will be glad to see you thrive and will be there for you in your darkest hours. Be patient until you meet the genuine soul that will perfectly match yours. Wait until you finally receive the devotion you deserve.

Most importantly, wait for the one who will take care of your fragile heart and will never break it. Once you meet that person, your patience will be generously rewarded. You will understand what it means to have someone with whom you vibe at the same frequency. Your heartbeats will collide into a beautiful melody that will sound much better than the most sensual 90s R’n’B song. Just have a little faith.

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