How To Tell Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusive

Emotional Violence

When it comes to domestic abuse, people usually focus on physical violence. However, being emotionally harmed is a relationship problem which could cause serious psychological wounds. Although it isn’t as obvious as the physical emotional abuse can lead to exactly or even more dangerous consequences. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect it. Another issue is that such a problem isn’t always easy to recognize. There are a lot of people who fall victim to it but are not aware what, actually, they are going through.

What are the risks

Emotionally abusive relationships are dangerous because they can ruin your self-esteem, cause depression, make you feel alone and undervalued.

No one should have to go through such pain! That’s why people need to know what the symptoms of emotional violence are. If anyone finds themselves involved in such a relationship they should end it! The sooner the better, otherwise it could become a persistent problem leading to serious psychological disorders.

In order to identify the most typical signs of an emotionally abusive partner’s behaviour, you should read this:

Blame you when you don’t answer back

If you don’t answer the texts, the calls or the messages of your partner immediately, they get angry with you. They make you feel guilty. Sometimes an abusive partner might act jealous in such situation. Then blame you that you aren’t serious enough about the relationship.

It’s always your fault

They blame you for the negativity in their life. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or not. If something’s wrong, they say it’s because of you.

Dominate over you

Your partner tries to dominate the relationship and always imposes their opinion on you.

Put you down

They undervalue your achievements and interests so that they could stand out. If you get a good score on your tests they might say it’s because of luck, for example.

Avoid taking responsibility

They think that their happiness and success relies on you because they are incapable of taking responsibility for their own life. If they fail or feel miserable, they could blame it on you.

Intrude your personal space

Your partner doesn’t respect your personal space and constantly invades it. They share private details about your character or life to others.

They are petty

Your partner is more or less a petty person. They would constantly blame you about things that hold no or little importance and make you feel nervous and uncomfortable.

They embarrass you

They might point out your mistakes in front of others in order to embarrass you and undermine your self-esteem. Such behaviour might reveal a narcissistic personality. A partner like this could do everything to stand out event at your expense.

Feel possessive toward you

They are possessive and might not let you spend time with others except them. They could try keeping you away from your close people and limit your contacts. They might even try to turn you against your family or friends.

If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, it’s high time you ended it. No matter, how little or unimportant these things seem to you, in the beginning, as time goes by they’ll be accumulating. Finally, you risk ending up unhappy and with serious emotional problems.

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