Youngest Coronavirus NHS Nurse Dies Aged 23

A nurse who worked for the NHS collapsed and later died after a 12-hour shift of caring for coronavirus patients.

Co-workers told his mother, that her son did not equip himself with the proper protective clothing.

23-year-old John Alagos may be the youngest medical worker in Britain to lose his life to the virus. He was employed at Watford General Hospital that last weekend told everyone – except women expecting to give birth – to stay away until told otherwise.

John’s mother, Gina, 50, said her boy had become sick while working a 12-hour shift at Watford General Hospital but apparently was told he could not leave for home because they were short on staff.

The devastated mother had the following to say:

“I asked ‘why didn’t you come home?’ He said he had asked other staff, but they said they were short of staff and they did not let him go.”

Then, Gena told her son that maybe he should take paracetamol, but only a few moments later, she found him unconscious in his bed, “turning blue.”

The devastated mother noted that her boy did not have any underlying health problems.

John was caring for COVID-19 patients at Watford General Hospital which has since declared a “critical incident” and closed their A&E department after struggling with an issue regarding oxygen supplies. However, since Saturday night the issue has been resolved and doors are now open as usual.

Chief nurse Tracey Carter at Watford General Hospital had the following to say:

“Our staff are fully briefed on the symptoms of Covid-19 and we would never expect anyone to remain at work if they were showing these symptoms or indeed were unwell in any way,” she told Sun Online.

John Has become the ninth NHS worker to lose his life to the coronavirus.

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