Young couple chain themselves together to test their love

Couple chained themselves to one another to test the strength of their romantic relationship. 

  • Alexander and Viktoria from Ukraina decided to weld themselves together on Valentine’s Day.
  • The couple will remain chained to one another for three months to test their love.
  • In case they want to separate, they will need emergency service assistance to break the chain. 
Credits: The Sun

On Valentine’s Day, Alexander and Viktoria decided to weld themselves together near the Unity sculpture in Kyiv. The young Ukrainian couple chose to chain themselves to each other as an experiment that will put their relationship to a test.

According to Elite Readers, the lovebirds’ challenge will be monitored by Vitaly Zorin, who works for the national register of records in the country. He assured that Alexander and Viktoria’s mental health was checked before they chained their hands.

Credits: The Sun

As The Sun reports, Zorin said:

“The palms of the couple in love are just a couple of centimeters apart.”

The couple will be chained for a record period of three months. 

Ever since Alexander and Viktoria started their interesting experiment, simple everyday things like eating, changing clothes, or taking showers, became quite difficult. However, they are eager to continue proving themselves how much they love one another.

Credits: The Sun

Alexander said:

“We are going for a record. There is a chain on us and all the links are welded. The final link is closed  with the seal of the national register of records.”

Despite the sweethearts’ enthusiasm for the challenge, Zorin noted that in case they want to separate sooner than expected, they will require emergency service assistance to remove the chain.

Would you chain yourself to your loved one for three months? Let us know in the comment section!

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