You are not to blame for your own trauma, but you alone are responsible for your healing

Don’t blame yourself for your trauma. It isn’t your fault that you were abused and had terrible things done to you. You do not deserve to be traumatized. Nobody does.

No one asks for trauma.

It comes to us unfairly and against our will. We are only victims of the rage and vengefulness of another person. 

Sometimes the harshness of life itself can traumatize us. Other times, we traumatize ourselves by bottling down our feelings due to fear. Regardless of what we chose to do, we find ourselves on a destructive path of failure and sadness.

It is highly probable that most of us are conscious of what is happening and of the causes of our trauma, and still we cannot let go and forget about it.

Even when we are aware that we are not at fault for our trauma, the recovery process is difficult for us.

The truth is, we are not to be blamed for our trauma, but we are the ones in charge of our own healing.

Healing should be something we do on our own. We have been deeply hurt in the past, and the pain has wounded us, but it is our own burden to tend to these wounds with care and heal them so that we avoid bleeding on innocent souls who did not hurt us.

We are the only ones in charge of our healing because nobody will come and rescue us from our miserable lives. Nobody can change us and heal our hearts if we are not prepared for it. Healing comes from within first.

We are the only ones who wield the power to heal ourselves from trauma.

Our inner healing power is immensely strong and if we use it rightfully – we can start experiencing our surroundings in a completely new light.

We will become happier, filled with meaning, and more loving. Because by healing we leave our old version behind in exchange for a more enriched and stronger version of ourselves we were not even aware could exist.

Of course, we will be hurt again – it’s an inseparable part of life. But how we deal with the pain inflicted on us is completely in our own control. No one can take us to the ground without our consent.

Trauma can transform into strength if we are willing to heal ourselves.

How do you deal with trauma in your own life? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments, and please share this article if you enjoyed the read.

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