Yet Another Superstitious Passenger Trows Coins Into Plane’s Engine FOR LUCK

China: Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines released a report saying that security staff found coins on the ground near the engine of GX8814 that was being prepared to fly from Weifang to Haikou.

When questioned, a man surnamed Wang said he threw 6 coins in the engine for luck a couple of weeks ago.

As a result, the flight was canceled and nearly 150 passengers had to wait for the next day’s flight.

Wang was subsequently arrested.

Similar incidents have happened a number of times in the last two years in China.

All six coins were found and removed from the plane’s engine.

Here’s what some netizens thought about the case:

One person wrote on 9GAG:

“Its like throwing a gerenade into the fuel tank of ur car for luck. They should lock these morons up.”

Another chimed in by saying:

“Money is everything for a chinese. Throwing around money is considered good luck and shows your status. Throwing money to a jet engine will ensure it has rotsa rucks to get them to their final destination.”

A third added:

“Do you put coins in your car engine too?”

And another jokingly said:

“Flight got cancelled because of coin flu.”

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