World’s Youngest Transgender Model Set To Make Millions On The Catwalk

A child is about to become a millionaire after a New York catwalk event. 

Noella McMaher, 10, is now the youngest ever ‘trans’ model to do a fashion show after going through the NY runway, and now media giants think she could become the next child millionaire.

An agent working in Hollywood said:

“Noella is a phenomenon. She’s only ten but represents so much in terms of where the world is now. We are seeing more trans­gender models and she’s the ultimate in terms of being a woke role model.”


The child is already being showered with modelling offers and will even be attending this year’s Paris fashion week.

“She is so confident for someone so young. She’s capable of making a million to two million dollars in the next year,” the agent went on to say.

Noella’s success has skyrocketed in the last few years,. The child has said that the main goal is now to become ‘a visible transgender youth activist and runway model’.

The 10-year-old was first introduced to the catwalk at the age of 7 at the Chicago Fashion Week. Through the years, Noella has been preparing by watching videos online and has even been able to get the attention of two designers on the first audition.


The child is said to have identified as trans at the age of 3, after being inspired by biological mother Dee, who currently identifies as a ‘trans masculine man’.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Dee revealed:

“My spouse and I are both non-binary. In terms of gender identity, Noella came out before either of us. She was born with a fierce and confident sense of identity.”

Dee has also said that Noella ‘socially transitioned’ at the age of 4 after which the family changed the child’s birth certificate from boy to girl.

The mother, who has long separated from Noella’s biological father Timothy McCord, went on to say:

“It first started at two-and-a-half nearing three. Someone would say to her that she was a cute boy and she would snap back and exclaim, “I’m not a boy, I’m a girl!'”

Dee McMaher/Facebook

The father, who does not approve of Dee’s methods, is said to have fractured the child’s arm in an effort to make ‘her’ wear boys’ pyjamas.

According to legal documents, he has pleaded guilty to a child endangerment charge.

The father said he has not seen children (Noella and son Levi) in a long time, adding:

“I tried to get back into their lives but it was too contentious and stressful for everyone.”

In the meantime, Dee has re-married and is now raising a ‘non-binary’ baby.

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