Workers save elephant from ditch proving our special bond with animals

Indian workers saved an elephant from a ditch, proving there is a special relationship between humans and animals.

Viral footage from India shows the heart-melting moment as a group of workers helps an elephant escape from a ditch.

As UNILAD notes, the video was shared on Twitter by former professional basketball player Rex Chapman. It shows the animal struggling to get back up on its feet, as it apparently got stuck in a dike. Thankfully, a group of men rushed to help, using an excavator to lift the elephant up.

The driver of the machine gently pushes the helpless animal to safety until it can move forward on its own. When the mission turns out to be successful, the crowd can be heard chanting out of happiness that they helped the elephant escape the trap.

Then, a touching moment appears as the innocent creature pads about on the grass and appears to thank the machine and the people behind it with a high five.

In that emotional second, it feels like the language barrier between the men and the animal doesn’t exist. 

Commenting on the wholesome video, one user wrote:

“If that elephant saying “thanks” isn’t proof of their grace, intelligence, and sentience, I don’t know what is.”

However, many netizens note that the ditch wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the very same people who saved the elephant. Others were outraged at the firecracker the workers threw at the animal at the end to chase it away from the trap.

What do you think of this heartwarming moment? Let us know in the comment section!

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