Woman’s possessive ex forces her to get NINE TATTOOS of his name on her body

Ruthless ex-boyfriend forced a woman to get nine tattoos of his name, including one saying: “Property of AJ Wharton”.

During her 6-year relationship with her ex, the 32-year-old woman Nicola Frost, from Northampton, was a subject of constant domestic abuse. Her then-boyfriend Aaron James Wharton, 31, made her tattoo his name all over her body, treating her like ‘his property’.


Last year, during one of the brutal attacks, Frost was punched, kicked, strangled, and held at knifepoint by Wharton as he was in a drunken rage phase, Daily Mail reveals.

The excessively controlling man wanted to be in charge of every aspect of Nicola’s life. Whenever she needed to go out, she would have to ask him for permission and send him pictures of what she was wearing.

Shockingly, he also made her get a total of nine tattoos of his name and initials, so ‘nobody else would touch her’.


Last Friday, the possessive ex was imprisoned for 21 months at Northampton Crown Court.

He was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm for the brutal attack from February 2, 2019. Along with the 21-month sentence behind bars, Wharton also received a 10-year restraining order banning him from contacting Frost.


Nicola admits that at the beginning of their relationship, her former partner used to make feel ‘like a princess’. Unfortunately, soon after, he became manipulative and both mentally and physically abusive. Some of the things he forced her to do were banning her from social media and making her cut off friends and family.

Recalling her horrific relationship, Nicola explains:

“The first year was perfect. He treated me like a princess. But the next five years were a living hell. He just changed. I don’t know what it was. I think he waited for me to get comfortable and knew I wasn’t going anywhere. There was emotional abuse – all types of abuse. He controlled every aspect of my life.”

In case she would style her hair or put makeup on, her merciless ex would call her a ‘slag’. When she wanted to call her friends and family, she had to delete the call log afterwards. Otherwise, he would ‘knock the phone out’ of her hands and smash it.


What made their relationship even more intense was the fact that Wharton lived near Frost’s home. Therefore, he could easily see her house and control who goes near it. Nicola continues:

“He could control everything – where I went and who I would speak to. He would take my bank card off me.”

“He was a 100 per cent narcissist.”

The woman shares her former partner made her feel as if she had no one, saying: “He made me believe I only had him.”

While being in a relationship with Wharton, Frost would do everything for him. She would treat him ‘like a king’. However, even though she did everything he wanted, he would still assault her.

“He would hit me multiple times and stepped on my face quite regularly, punch me and slap me, and throw me against the walls. He gave me a black eye and split lip a few times, but I was too scared to tell anyone and he knew I didn’t have anyone else.”

The most shocking moment for Frost was when her abusive ex made her tattoo his name all over her body.

And if she refused, ‘there would be repercussions’

Presently, Nicola is getting her tattoos covered, as she wants to forget the emotional damage Wharton caused her. She is also attending domestic abuse courses.


Frost and Wharton have two children together. They were a couple until 2018 when, as Nicola claims, Aaron cheated on her. In a bid to win her back, he even proposed to her. She says:

“He had always promised we would get married and this was one of his ways of keeping control on me. He is a predator and very clever, he knows what he is doing. But I didn’t fall for it and we stayed separated.”

Moreover, Wharton controlled Nicola’s life even on social media.

“He didn’t let me on social media during our relationship and I set up a Facebook page after we’d split up. He used one of his friends’ accounts to find me. He was so angry and said: ”You’re only doing that to get f*****d”. He said no one was going to touch me because I’ve got five kids and I’m covered in his name.”

Frost tried to stay on good terms with Wharton for the sake of their children. Until one night when he flew into a drunken rage and brutally assaulted her. 

This was the night of February 2, 2019, for which he received 21 months in prison. Nicola described the horrific scene:

“He knocked at my door at 3am, he looked upset so I let him in. I regret doing so to this day. He punched me in the face within minutes. He put a knife to my face and cut my cheek. It was like he was possessed. He was angry I was getting on with my life and he couldn’t let go. He was saying I was his property. He started hitting me with multiple punches, knocked me to the floor and started kicking me. It didn’t matter if I was up or down, he would hit me. I tried to protect myself by bringing my hands and arms over my face. He was drunk and if he hadn’t fallen asleep I don’t think I’d be here today.”

One of the punches was so hard, she screamed out of pain. Hearing the screams, her children woke up, but she tried to fool them, saying she just had fallen down the stairs. The following day, Wharton told Frost:

”I can’t believe I did that to you, I’m sorry. But you deserved it.”

Eventually, the woman gathered the courage to go against her abuser in court.

However, she wasn’t pleased with the short sentence he received for the brutal way he treated her and her children.

“The sentence for this is disgusting. No amount of time can repay what he has done to me and my kids. Knowing he is going to get out in a year means it is not long enough. People like him don’t change. There’s no one he can’t charm and he’ll make them believe he’s changed in prison, but he’ll always be a narcissist.”

Nicola Frost wanted to share her traumatic story to show other victims of domestic abuse that there is a way out.

“There are so many people in abusive relationships who can’t speak out. Now I can, I am trying to help someone else by doing so. People need to know the signs and see it as abuse and to not doubt themselves, follow through and get out. I would love to campaign on this and raise awareness for women and men all over the world in abusive relationships.”

She reveals she now feels much better after her obsessive ex was put behind bars.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse and need help, be sure to contact the national domestic violence helplines in your region.

US: National Domestic Violence Helpline, 1-800-799-7233

UK: Refuge National Domestic Abuse Helpline, 0808 2000 247

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