Where Does Breast Milk Come From? Picture of A Woman’s Milk Duct Shocks The Internet

“We aren’t supposed to see this. We weren’t supposed to know. No one is here for these flesh flowers,” a Twitter user wrote in dismay upon seeing a picture of what a female milk duct actually looks like, LAD Bible’s Rebecca Shepherd reports.

“At first I thought someone put flowers over boobs because art. Now, it looks like a weird alien creature lives inside my body and I’m terrified,” another frightened woman chimed in.

“How are some of you finding this beautiful? I’m legit STRESSED knowing this is inside my titties,” a third one added.

Still, the photo showing the actual source of “the liquid of life” has generated some positive reactions as well, owing to its distinct flower-like shape.

“The spine is the trunk of the tree & the brain is the top of the trees where the branches stretch far and wide. Every beautiful tree has its flowers (the nipple),” one of the most thoughtful comments reads.

“Why is everyone saying it’s gross? We have literal flowers on our titties, that’s so cool,” a girl dared ask.

Controversial as the tweet undeniably is, it has so far gathered over 120,000 likes and over forty thousand re-Tweets.

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