Woman Who Lied To Get A $150,000 Small Business Relief Loan Spent Money On Shopping Trips

A woman from North Carolina is being accused of lying to receive a $150,000 coronavirus small business relief loan, and then splashing the cash on shopping trips to Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, as well as diamond stores.

24-year-old Jasmine Clifton was called to make an appearance at the federal court last Monday after being indicted by a grand jury regarding charges of wire fraud in relation to a disaster benefit, as well as fraud in connection with major disaster or emergency benefits.

She was later freed on a $25,000 bond, a press release from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of North Carolina stated.

According to the release, the woman applied for the small business relief loan which is meant to help existing businesses that were hit financially during the coronavirus lockdown.

Clifton made fake documents claiming $350,000 in gross revenue in one year for her online clothing store, Jazzy Jas, although other paperwork filed in early 2020 showed the business was actually dissolved in September 2019 – months before the first confirmed coronavirus case was reported in the country.

Her application was approved and she was given $149,900, which she then splashed on a shopping spree, according to sources.

Clifton, who has listed herself as a CEO on social media, has been bragging about her jewelry online and boasting about her “success” as an entrepreneur.

Around the time she claimed her loan, she posted a meme on social media that read:

‘some of us are building from SCRATCH,. No inheritance, no connections, no backups. Just blood, sweat and skills.’

Clifton also wrote the following in her comments section:

‘stop asking me for favors/loans/handouts.’

She has also been boasting about her entrepreneurial goals in a post she shared on January 31:

‘my business is coming together.’

About two weeks before she was indicted, she posted:

‘i love supporting my lady bosses!!’

If she is successfully convicted, Clifton is looking at 30 years behind bars and a possible combined fine of $1,250,000.

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