Woman Who Claimed Coronavirus Was ‘Media Driven’ Hoax Dies From COVID-19

Last week, a woman fell ill of COVID-19, not long after categorizing the virus as a “hoax”.

In a Facebook post, Karen Kolb Sehlke criticized the “media-driven” hoax “controlled by the radicals in power.”

Karen also believed that “our government is under attack from within” while comparing the virus to “the impeachment hoax” and saying that the people who think the current crisis is real “panic like sheep.”

Karen and her family. Image GoFundMe

In addition, she referred to the coronavirus as the “beginning of socialism.” Here is some of what she wrote.

“Wake up!!! This is what the beginning of socialism looks like!

They are leading with fear causing you to panic like sheep.

… You don’t need hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and Lysol. You need common sense, a sense of direction, faith, a will to fight, and of course guns!

Now wash your hands and live the life they don’t want you to have!”

According to reports, she passed away on April 2 in Tomball, Texas due to kidney problems caused by the coronavirus. After her passing, her family created a GoFundMe page in order to cover the funeral costs, which has thus far raised $35,090.

Here is how some people reacted to the story:

Sehlke made the Facebook post on March 14th. She passed away on April 2nd, killed by the virus she mocked.

What are your thoughts on this tragedy? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article to spread awareness on the seriousness of the silent killer that threatens us all. 

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