Woman unlocks doors and cupboards with a chip implanted in her hand

NO KEYS NEEDED: TikToker claims to have a chip that unlocks doors and cupboards in her house implanted inside her hand. 


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If you have been on TikTok for a while, then you have probably stumbled upon a video of the Chip Girl. She is well known on the social media platform for her unique way of opening doors and cupboards in her house.

As the TikToker explains, “My hand is literally the key to our house.”  

In the summer of 2020, the Chip Girl had a chip implanted in her hand. Its role is to unlock not only the front door of her home but also many other doors inside the house, as well as some secret cupboards. In other words, she has found a way to never lose her keys again.


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According to Unilad, the Chip Girl got the idea from her “techie husband.” She has now dedicated her whole TikTok account to explaining how the device works and answering various questions by her curious followers.

For instance, many are wondering whether she is the only one with access to all the doors inside her house and what happens if her children don’t have chips that open the cupboards filled with snacks.

With over 9 million views, the initial video showing the TikToker getting chipped is still baffling so many social media users.

Although the Chip Girl admits the experience was painful, her excitement when she first unlocks her front door with her hand says it all.


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The Chip Girl’s followers are flooding the comment sections alongside her videos with various questions.

One asked: “Why you lock every damn thing in your house?”

Another said: “This is what I need for my kitchen and pantry bedroom etc. I think it’s amazing and creative.”

A third wrote: “Wait, what?!?! Is this for real?! I have a touchpad on my doors & thought that was better than a key, but this is nuts.”


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Do you think having a chip implanted inside your hand is a cool alternative to opening doors the regular way? Let us know in the comment section!

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