Woman suffering botched beauty procedure that left her scarred forever talks about it on TikTok

TikToker got a harrowing second-degree burn from a beauty procedure.

  • WARNING: The article contains graphic images some readers may find distressing.
  • Victoria Quezada, 29, underwent a botched beauty procedure that left her “traumatized” and probably scarred for life.
  • The young woman suffers second-degree burns and a painfully swollen chin and jaw area after a “coolsculpting” treatment at a Sacramento spa.

Victoria Quezada, a 29-year-old beauty enthusiast from Sacramento, recently experienced a dreadful cryolipolysis machine procedure that left her “traumatized.”

Credits: Victoria Quezada

It all started when the young woman decided to get rid of her “genetic” double chin that had bothered her for a long time. Talking to BuzzFeed, Victoria said:

“We are our own biggest critics, we are the ones that have to look in the mirror every day, and we’re the ones that decide if we’re happy or we’re not happy with what we see.”

The part-time bartender was starting to feel desperate, as no form of exercise or diet she tried seemed to work. So when a worker at a local spa recommended her the procedure, she did not hesitate to try it. Unfortunately, the path towards perfection led her to feel agonizing pain after the cosmetic treatment went horrifyingly wrong.

The woman captured her burns in a now-viral TikTok video that gained over 1M views in no time.

In the clip, Victoria reveals the dreadful result of the cryolipolysis procedure, which is supposed to break down fat cells with freezing temperatures. According to her lawyer, Seth R. Bradley, the treatment is called “coolsculpting.” However, it has not been revealed whether the machine was provided by the CoolSculpting brand.

In the first few seconds of the video, she warns:

“If you have a weak stomach then please keep scrolling.”

Credits: Victoria Quezada

Instead of leaving the spa with a snatched jawline, the poor woman left with a swelled chin and dire burns. Regretting her decision, Victoria says:

“I’m traumatized. I know I’m a pretty girl, and I take pride in my looks and keep up on my personal maintenance, so having this procedure done and then having it be really hard to look into a mirror it’s been… Oh my gosh, my mental state has dramatically decreased I would say.”

The beauty enthusiast’s attorney claims she had been “severely burned” and would likely struggle with “residual scarring at the least.”

Bradley confirmed:

“Ms. Quezada has already gone through a lot, and will continue to go through this nightmare so our plan is to get justice for her as well as keep this from happening to any other potential victims.”

Credits: Victoria Quezada

Additionally, Dr. Alan Matarasso, an NYC plastic surgeon, expressed serious concerns that Victoria might be scarred for life.

“My concern when I looked at that picture is that some of it may be third degree, and third degree is scarring. These treatments, whether they’re injections or machines, are not interchangeable with surgery. They’re not and it shouldn’t be thought of like that. All medical procedures come with the potential for complications and you should be in a situation where it’s properly done, properly monitored, and can be treated should there be a problem.”

Following the “traumatizing” experience, the young woman is now afraid to leave her home. 

Victoria shares that she goes out only when she has to attend doctor’s appointments necessary for her recovery process. Her biggest wish right now is “to look in the mirror and be happy again.”


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And to anyone who considers undergoing similar treatment, she alerts them they should always be aware of the potential complications.

“Do what you want to do to be happy, but make sure you do your research thoroughly before jumping into something that you’ve never tried before.”

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