8 Hard Truths to Face When a Kind-Hearted Woman Stops Loving You

A woman with a heart of gold…

In the beginning it was the inner beauty that made you fall for her. A lady with a loving heart, whose feelings were infinite.  A kind-hearted partner with a soul so fragile yet so strong… as was her love for you. You were the dearest to her heart and she was waiting patiently for you to find your own way to it…

…. yet not seen as one worthy of note.

But you never could or may be never needed to. She felt the purest of loves, while you were taking it all for granted. So finally, she left and she won’t come back because she does not make the same mistake twice.

Kind-hearted woman’s love is not naïve

Deep love does not stand for ignorance of how to be loved. A strong woman who loves from the bottom of her heart know what she gives and that her kind of love is one of a lifetime.

And when such woman is gone, she is for good, leaving  you with nothing but these 8 hard truths about what you’ve lost:

A devoted partner

– you lost a kind-hearted woman who knew your true colors and loved you for who you are. You lost someone who cared enough and was always prepared to compromise with her own time and needs because of you. Somebody who would say sorry if they were wrong or admit it if they made a mistake. And you lost her because you did not care enough.

Someone faithful to you

– you lost a woman who truly believed your relationship was “until death do us apart” and lived accordingly. She knew that commitment was an action not a word. That’s why she was loyal and she would have always been, as her love and respect for you would always live in her heart, if you were together.

The perfect woman

– the most beautiful lady in the world, the mother of your children, your caring wife. She could have been all these and even more. But you lost her because you did not love her the way you should have. And now it’s too late.

A true friend

– love is love but friendship is a very important part of a relationship as well. Wouldn’t you feel blessed to have a partner who is also your best friend, who knows how to call you out when you are wrong and knows how to have your back at all times. A kind-hearted woman could have given you this, if you hadn’t let her go.

A supporter

– a kind-hearted woman would always encourage you while in the same time challenging you to grow. By losing her you lost somebody who would have always been close to you, trying to fight your imperfections and make you a better person this way.

“For better or for worse…”

you lost someone who would have been by your side through good and bad times. You lost a helping hand, a trustworthy advisor, a shoulder to cry on, a person to laugh with…  And now you’ve lost her.

A delicate partner  

You lost a woman who would never hurt your feelings. Not only because she had accepted you the good and the bad in you but also because she loved you dearly and was not capable of breaking your heart. And now she is gone

Your chance of lifetime happiness

is there anyone in this world that could have made you happier than a woman who loved you from the bottom of her heart and would sacrifice all just to make the things between you two work? Well, the answer is more than obvious… NO! But you lost her and you cannot bring her back.

Hopefully, you learnt your lesson and now you know that your loved one is not somebody to play with.

And no matter how deeply a kind-hearted woman loves you, sooner or later she will stop, if she is not loved back the right way.

Author BIO:
Maria Hakki is a professional English teacher and translator as well as a writer in her free time. Maria writes on various types of topics and today she is a guest author with two of her articles discussing issues in romantic relationships.

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