Woman stabbed boyfriend for allegedly looking at nude photos of her daughter

Woman, 31, stabbed her partner after she supposedly caught him looking at nude photos of her daughter.

  • The woman was charged with first-degree assault for stabbing her boyfriend.
  • She claims she caught him looking at naked pictures of her young daughter.
  • The suspect insists she acted in self-defense.

Trysh Brown, of Park Street, Connecticut, is facing charges for stabbing her boyfriend, The New York Post reports. The reason – he allegedly looked at explicit photos of her young daughter. 

Brown was in custody Monday on a charge of first-degree assault. 

The incident happened in Bridgeport, where police were sent to a Park Street residence at about 4 a.m. Saturday. They received calls about a man covered in blood screaming for help, as revealed by the Connecticut Post. 

Officers found the man sitting on a sidewalk with multiple stab wounds. He was immediately taken to Bridgeport Hospital. 

When cops went to the man’s home, they found Brown, who was also covered in blood. She told them she had awoken to find her boyfriend in the bathroom looking at nudes of her daughter on his phone. The scene turned into a violent confrontation between the couple. 

The 31-year-old woman claimed her partner started hitting her in the face when she asked him about the naked photos. She then grabbed two kitchen knives to defend herself and started stabbing her boyfriend, telling police she did so because ‘he is a big man’.  

Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Dunn initially urged Superior Court Judge Kevin Doyle to set a high bond for Brown, saying: 

“She stabbed him eight to 10 times and he is in critical condition.”

Judge Doyle set a bond for Brown at $75,000 and continued the case to Oct. 1.

However, the woman insists she acted in self-defense. Her claim is currently being investigated. 

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