See how this woman brilliantly shut down Michael Moore’s statement that women are superior to men

Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore is an active social critic, especially in the realm of Twitter, where he takes the time to voice his opinions. 

Recently, people have started to re-share one such occurrence of when Moore made a statement about the ‘pure nature’ of women. He contrasted it to that of men, who he deemed to be more inclined to cause damage to the world in general.

While attacking the patriarchy, Moore blatantly suggested that women are far superior to men when it comes down to living up to universal moral standards.

Even though three years have passed since then, the Tweet has gone viral on Reddit due to the input of Jessica Ellis, a writer, who fundamentally disagreed with Moore’s stance on the matter and was able to debunk all of his initial claims.

Her response was the following series of Tweets:

As evidenced below, women were, in fact, involved in the creation of nuclear weapons.

They have, as well, patented smokestacks. And were aggressors in the Holocaust. 

Moreover, they are a contributory entity for global warming.

Unfortunately, they have also been part of the commitment of atrocities.

Nonetheless, this is not something to be proud of or brag about. Jessica Ellis is certainly not using her platform to glorify the aforementioned acts, not in the least.

What she is doing, however, is to establish that men and women are indeed equally exposed to being morally bankrupt and not living up to universal moral standards. Painting the narrative of women being ‘pure’ is arguably damaging to the self-perception of both sexes.

She then continued to explain:

To further her point, Ellis has told BoredPanda the following:

“I had been struggling with anxiety issues and going to therapy, where I realized I thought the fact that I had dark thoughts sometimes made me a bad person. I had also come to realize that part of the reason I felt this gender gap is that women are raised on a doctrine of purity and that Moore (who I respect greatly as a filmmaker) was furthering that concept. When you are taught that all women are naturally sweet and wonderful, you can feel extra-extra crazy if you feel anger or depression or anxiety.”

Therefore, even though powerful political positions were not held as much by the female part of the population, Ellis indicates that women also struggle with making ‘ethically just’ decisions, as well.

“It’s bad for women’s mental health to be held to an unrealistic purity standard”, says Ellis.

At the end of the day, we are all human and human nature is inclusive to both morally just and unjust behaviors, regardless of which sex we are born as.

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