Woman shocked to discover two long needles stuck in her brain for years

A Chinese woman found out she had two needles deep-seated in her brain after a CT scan.

  • After a CT scan, Zhu, 29, discovers she has two needles stuck in her brain. 
  • The spikes were about 5cm(2in) long.
  • The woman cannot recall suffering a previous head trauma, which makes the origin of the needles a complete mystery. 

After a minor car accident, a 29-year-old Zhengzhou woman surnamed Zhu underwent a mandatory CT scan. The scan was supposed to serve as a reassurance that there was no damage to her head after the incident, as Oddity Central reports.

Thankfully, according to the examination, there was no trauma related to the accident. However, the woman was shocked to find out that she had two needles embedded deep in her brain.

The needles were nearly 5cm(2in) long with a diameter of 4.9mm(0.2in). Not only had they no relation to the recent car accident the woman was involved in, but she had no memory of any previous severe head trauma.

Since there was no visible skull injury, the mystery remained. 

Credits: Sohu

According to doctors, the long needles planted in Zhu’s head must have been deliberately or accidentally placed there when she was very young. Taking their size into consideration, the experts believe they wouldn’t have been able to penetrate a fully developed adult skull.

When asked whether she has any memory of a brain trauma while she was young, the woman said she had never experienced any pain or unexplainable headaches. Doctors confirmed that the needles were too thin to cause any issues in the area they were embedded.

Credits: Sohu
Credits: Sohu

The Chinese website Sohu, Zhu has already reported her CT scan’s shocking discovery to the local authorities. What’s more, she allegedly has a clue of the needles’ origin, but she prefers to keep this information private at this point of the investigation.

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