Woman shocked by dating app matches’ most controversial views

TikToker asks: “What’s your most controversial opinion?”

Amanda, a Texas-based TikToker, has recently shared some startling discoveries she made while interacting with potential partners on the dating app Hinge.

After matching with several people, she decided to be straightforward and ask them about their most controversial opinions. The answers she got were both thought-provoking and disturbing to some extent.


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For instance, one match told her they believe men and women are “never going to be equal” due to “biology.” 

Meanwhile, another said they were against chivalry, which should serve as a massive red flag for Amanda if she is truly searching for a romantic partner.

In Part 2 of the series of controversial views, the TikToker asked: “What’s a controversial opinion you stand by?”

Shockingly, at the beginning of the video, Amanda revealed she got a message from a girl who noticed her boyfriend was one of her matches. The TikToker apologized for the inconvenience and continued sharing the questionable responses she got.

One person said they stand by “Kanye 2020,” referring to the rapper’s presidential campaign. Another noted they support the stereotypical belief that “women aren’t good at driving.”


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Perhaps this was the opinion that provoked Amanda to ask another question: “What’s your least favorite thing about women?”

One of her Hinge matches bluntly replied: “Don’t get me started.”

So, it seems that Amanda’s approach of analyzing the people she interacts with before wasting time on getting to know them proves to be successful. What do you think?

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