Woman Reads Out List Of 11 Toxic Rules Her Ex Made For Her When She Left For University

A TikToker has posted the 11 rules that were given to her by her former boyfriend before she started going to university.

Some of the outlandish rules include keeping a distance from boys, having the clothes she wears approved by him or his mother and always keeping her Snapchat location on.

Carolyn shared a screenshot of the text she received.

Her video was captioned “I wish I was joking” and has amassed millions of views.


i wish i was joking

♬ original sound – Carolyn

She reads all of the rules out loud and starts the video by saying:

“I thought it would be funny to do a reading of the rules my crazy, controlling ex-boyfriend sent me before leaving for college.”


@orange.magic made a stitch that is super super informational, pls go watch it !!

♬ original sound – Carolyn

Responding to rule 3 that reads, “Approve all outfits you wear past me or my mom,” Carolyn says:

“I don’t see what you or your mum have to do with what I wear.”

Some of the other rules are “Absolutely no drinking” and “No crop tops or tight clothing” as well as “Be in your dorm by 9 pm every night and FaceTime me so I know you are alone.”


not all of the comments, but definitely some i wanted to address. this is a safe place to talk with no blame assigned ❤️

♬ original sound – Carolyn

After her first video went viral, Carolyn followed it up with a series of other videos where she talks about what people can do to escape abusive relationships. She also makes an apology to those who may have thought her first video was somehow insensitive.

“I just want to say that behaviour is considered abuse. That’s considered emotionally controlling and abusive, and if you are in an abusive relationship, domestic violence, anything like that – there are tons of help resources and hotlines you can call,” she added.


Reply to @frankiexxleigh i didn’t want to get into too much detail 🙂 but is a short summary ❤️ please talk to somebody if you need to!!

♬ original sound – Carolyn

Naturally, many people in the comments came out in support of Carolyn.

One commenter said:

“This is not just insecure this is abusive,.”

Another wrote:

“This whole thing breaks my heart, I’m glad you got out of that.”


Reply to @bigpeepeedisorder i hope this helps ❤️ feel free to ask questions about any topic you want discussed 😇

♬ original sound – Carolyn

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