Woman opens airplane emergency exit door for ‘fresh air’

On Sept. 23 a woman in China caused a flight to be delayed. She simply wanted a breath of fresh air but definitely not in the right circumstances.

What the woman did was opening the emergency exit because the plane was too ‘stuffy’. The accident happened on a Xiamen Airlines plane in Wuhan that was about to take off and head to Lanzhou. This information was initially given by a Chinese media via the South China Morning Post.

Even though all the passengers next to the emergency exit doors were told not to touch the opening buttons, this lady didn’t listen and opened the door anyway. Her argument was that the plane was too crowded and she needed some fresh air.

Not only the flight was delayed for over an hour, but she was taken to the police office to explain her behavior.

One of the other passengers took a video of the accident and it quickly went viral.

As a result, the woman may face detention for opening the plane emergency exit door and she will have to pay a fee for disturbing the public order.

This is not the first case of inadequate behavior of plane passengers in China. Around 11 similar cases happened only at the beginning of 2015.

One of these cases is of another Chinese woman identified only by her surname Piao. She opened the emergency exit of a Seoul-bound Asiana Airlines plane while it was still moving. This caused a 4-hour flight delay and economic losses of 34,000 yuan.

Although it turned out the woman opened the door by mistake, she faced a criminal charge for her deed. Her case was taken seriously because she opened the door while the plane was still in the air.

Clearly, such accidents are nothing new to the Chinese airlines.

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