Woman hurls 3-month-old puppy to death after pet store owner refused to give her a refund for it

South Korean police have launched an investigation after a woman hurled a three-month-old puppy to death at a pet store in the Gangwon province. 

The pet store owner, surnamed Oh, has told police the woman, surnamed Lee, bought an infant Maltese dog from his shop and returned seven hours later demanding a refund for it. The woman complained that the dog ate its own feces.

Oh turned down her request and told Lee dogs tend to do such things when their surroundings change and that this behavior would stop within just a few days. Lee then started arguing with the owner, took the puppy out of her bag and threw it to the ground, Korean Times reported.

Oh said he did not expect Lee to fling the puppy at him and he didn’t have the necessary time to react and catch it. He then took care of the puppy for a few hours and fed it. However, eventually, it started vomiting. Oh then took it to the veterinary clinic where it passed away a few hours later. The veterinarian said the puppy died from a brain hemorrhage caused by head trauma. After the dog’s passing, Oh sent a letter to Lee saying,


“I will file a complaint against you for animal abuse and defamation.”

Lee replied by saying,

“You killed the dog ― why are you asking me to take responsibility? I will also bet everything I can.”

After the CCTV footage was released, Lee said,

“The owner said he could give me a refund but he didn’t want to because he was upset (with me), so I threw it out of anger. I didn’t know it would actually die. The next day, I calmed down and I sent a lengthy text message, apologizing to the owner and the puppy. I was shocked to hear the puppy has died. I’m very apologetic to the puppy and I’m regretful of my actions. I don’t think I could forgive myself. I admit I’ve done something worthy of criticism. I don’t want to blow things up anymore. I will reflect on my actions for the rest of my life and will volunteer at stray dog shelters,” All K Pop reported.

The investigation is ongoing and if found guilty of cruelty towards an animal, Lee could possibly face up to two years in prison or fines of up to 20 million won ($16 740)

You can watch the CCTV footage in the video below.

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