Woman hears her neighbor brutally complaining about her ‘talking too much’ on the radio

TikToker found out her neighbor, a radio host, complained about her on air. 

In a recently-posted video, TikToker @sabinahbaby revealed the embarrassing story of how she heard her neighbor complaining about her on the radio.

Credits: TikTok

To Sabina’s surprise, her neighbor turned out to be a radio host. Apparently, she made quite the impression as he decided to grumble about his encounter with her while on air.

As Unilad notes, in the video, the radio host can be heard saying:

“I have a new neighbor and all she wants to do is talk talk talk talk talk.”

Meanwhile, his co-host comments:

“She got the wrong neighbor when she moved next to you on that one.”

The host even decided to get into specifics to describe his chatty neighbor better to his listeners. 

He said:

“You know it’s so funny, she literally said that. She said ‘I was so excited, I just moved here from Philly, I was excited to move in the building and get to know my neighbors, and then I got you.”


♬ original sound – Sabina

That’s when Sabina knew for sure this was her neighbor talking on the radio.

The host bluntly concluded:

“Yeah, my bad girl, don’t talk to me.”

The TikToker’s video has been viewed over 9.4 million times.

Her followers rushed to defend her, with many pointing out that the radio host’s attitude towards new neighbors is a major red flag.

One person commented:

“This guy hurt my feeling and I’m not even involved,’ one person commented, with another pointing out ‘he literally talks for a living.”

Another suggested:

“If he says hi to you, just be like, ‘Don’t you just hate it when your neighbors just talk talk talk talk talk.'”

In a follow-up clip, Sabina asked her supporters to stop sending the radio host hate. She said:

“I’m getting frustrated because this continues to blow up… For everybody watching this video – stop sending him hate. And stop sending me hate too. I’m not the jerk.”


Reply to @kqxjustin

♬ original sound – Sabina

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