British Woman Gets A Decade Behind Bars For Falsely Accusing 15 Men of Rape

A British woman has been sentenced to a decade behind bars after filing a series of bogus rape claims against a total of fifteen men between 2010 and 2013.

According to The Sun, The saga of Jemma Beale, now 27, began in 2010 when she told the police she’d been raped by a stranger by the name of Mahad Cassim on November 25th.

As a result, Mr. Cassim served two years behind bars, while Beale got £11,000 in compensation.

Her next victim was Noam Shahzad, whom she falsely accused of groping her in The Windsor Castle pub, in Hounslow, in July 2012. However, she did not stop there. In an interview with the local police, Jemma insisted that Shahzad and some other men brutally gang-raped her in the car park of a nearby hospital.

CCTV footages later revealed that Miss Beale had actually assaulted him in the pub before walking home alone. Investigators also found out she had cut herself with a hanging flower basket to make it look as if she had been assaulted with barbed wire.

A native of Bedfont, west London, Beale appeared at the Old Bailey today, April 1st, calling on senior judges to overturn the conviction and vehemently protesting her innocence, the online edition of Daily Mail reports.

The Rt Hon. Lady Justice Hallett, a judge at England’s Court of Appeal said:

“The system of justice has suffered considerable harm – considerable resources have been spent investigating and prosecuting crimes which never happened. There has been no indication of remorse on the appellant’s part”

An investigation by The Sun reveals that Jemma’s fantasies have cost a lot of money to the British taxpayers – a quarter of a million GBP in police manhours and another £110,000 in court fees.

Miss Beale’s lawyers tried to call for a reduced sentence on the grounds that their client was abused as a child, but their appeal was also dismissed.

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