Woman forced to shave her head after being attacked with glue-filled hat

After being struck with a hat filled with glue onto her head by a stranger, a mother-of-one got second-degree burns and was forced to shave her head. 

The distressing incident happened while the woman was at her home in Valencia, Spain, UNILAD reports.

Marcela Tascon, 31, was at her home when a stranger buzzed her doorbell. He claimed he had a special present for her. To fool her, he was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand. As she opened the door, the random man forced the glue hat on her head.

Image credits: Newsflash

When Marcela went to the hospital, doctors told her she had no other option but to shave her head, so they can remove the glue and treat her burns.

Describing the horrific encounter, Ms. Tascon shares:

“Once at the door of my house, and in front of my eight-year-old son, he threw the flowers at my feet, called me a ‘son of a b*tch’, and pulled the hat over my head. He ran away, my son was shouting, very scared, and I rushed to the bathroom to clean up my head and asked my son to call the police or friends.”

Image credits: Newsflash

The victim was treated for second-degree burns, caused by the ‘abrasive substances’ the hat was filled with.

Her doctor told her that suchlike assaults are common in Colombia, Ms. Tascon’s birthplace, where they are called ‘doing the shampoo’. She explained:

“It is commonly ordered by jealous wives after finding out their husbands had cheated on them or because they envy the other women.”

Image credits: Newsflash

The Valencia-based mom owns a beauty clinic in the same building as her home. She recalls she had previously received several unusual calls from a woman with a Colombian accent.

First, the strange woman called her to make an appointment in her beauty salon. She then insisted on knowing the exact location of Marcela’s workplace. Two weeks later, the beautician noticed a suspicious man in her building.

Later on, Ms. Tascon received another call from the same woman, who asked her if she could come to the salon for a treatment. This call was made only minutes before the attack. The victim believes her attacker was sent by the woman who made the unusual calls.

Although police are investigating the case, no arrests have been made so far.

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