Woman Films As Texas Cop Grabs His Crotch After She Asks For His Name During Argument

A now-viral TikTok clip shows a cop grabbing his crotch when a woman asked for his name a number of times. 

The video – which has so far been viewed more than 2.3 million times was shared last week by @kimikat90 – shows the officer repeatedly telling the woman recording to “get over there” and asks if she wants to “get pepper-sprayed.”

“Hurry up. Get up, over there,” he shouts.

“Stop shouting at me, and tell me your name, please,” the woman says.

“You wanna get pepper-sprayed?” the officer asks. “Get over there. Hurry up.”

The woman then asks another officer for the out-of-line officer’s name.

“What’s his name, sir? … He wants to pepper-spray my face,”  she can be heard saying.


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She then keeps on asking the cop for his name, and at the end, he responds by grabbing his crotch. 

In another video posted shortly after the first video, the woman says that the incident took place in Austin as she was driving from home back to her workplace around lunchtime.

In the latest follow-up clip, she alleges that the cop was an “off-duty officer here working for a private company” and that he was in charge of directing traffic.


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♬ original sound – Kimia

After being redirected from her route, the woman says she “asked him for direction because I had no other way to go, and I wanted to turn left.”

“He kept telling me to go right. m asking for direction, and he charges towards me, and this guy goes nuts, and he’s like, ‘Oh I’m going to f*cking arrest you if you don’t turn,’” she said.

The woman goes on to say that she then realized “shit’s about to go down” and started filming.

After the incident, she also called 911 and reported the rude cop.

“I was so upset. I had to pull over; I was crying,” she says.

The woman is now in talks with a lawyer “to see what we can do.”


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♬ original sound – Kimia


The Austin Police Department (APD) said they are “aware of a video circulating on social media depicting an officer engaging with a citizen while displaying unprofessional behavior” but that the cop does not work for them.

“The officer in this video is not an Austin Police officer and is not wearing a Department-issued uniform, nor is he utilizing an APD patrol vehicle.” they said.

“We do not condone this behavior, and we hold our officers to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. All APD officers working off-duty job assignments wear a full official APD uniform displaying a badge, their name, employee number and body worn camera.”

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