Woman Exposes Man’s Hypocrisy After He Calls Her A Catfish On Dating App

An influencer who was accused of catfishing by a man online has exposed his hypocrisy for the world to see. 

It is a known fact that dating apps such as Tinder are filled with fake profiles. Often, they’re extremely obvious, containing a link to some dodgy website that offers you nude images and so forth.

Other fake accounts, however, can appear incredibly real, but they’re being run by a totally different person from the one in the photos. One man believed TikToker Paris Campbell (@stopitparis) was a catfish – an accusation he has most likely come to regret since.

Image: Paris Campbell/Instagram

Paris got a Super Like from someone named Will, telling her that she’s apparently a catfish, ‘which he decided to comment on a photo that I’m wearing no make-up’, she explained, adding:

‘Anyway, when I went to learn more about the man of my dreams, he only wrote that he’s 6’1”… wow, so tall,’ Paris goes on to say, before exposing how he lied about his height.

‘You see Will, that coffee cup you’re holding seems to be a very standard size, measuring approximately 3.6 inches from rim to bottom. Your sunglasses are approximately 145mm in width, all of these things bringing you to roughly 70 inches, which checked out comparing to the length of the inseam of your shorts.’

‘So, I guess you’re 5’10” – that makes us the same height. So, who’s the catfish?’


not the pot calling the kettle black (height doesn’t matter btw, but lying & being rude does) #tinder #dating #nyc #catfish

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

The video has since won Paris thousands of views and comments of support by fans on TikTok.

She followed up with a comment saying:

‘Approximately 10 hours after posting this, our dear William unmatched me. Thoughts and prayers.’

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