Woman dies on selfie spot after man taking selfies pushes her accidentally

A woman died on a selfie spot in India after being accidentally pushed by a man taking pictures.

  • An Indian woman died while taking pictures on a famous selfie spot near a river.
  • It took the fire department 22 hours to find the victim’s body. 
  • The woman was accidentally pushed by an unidentified man, who was also taking selfies at the time.
Credits: Suffian / Twitter

Nirupama Prajapati from Rajgangpur, Kumbharpada, died after falling into a river while taking a selfie. She was found dead 22 hours after getting lost in the waters near the well-known picnicking spot Kanakund in Odisha.

At the time of the accident, Prajapati was celebrating New Year with her friends, Elite Readers reports.

According to authorities, the victim’s body was found on the deep end of the river. It was a quarter of a mile(about 400 meters) away from the spot she was pushed into the water.

Credits: Suffian / Twitter

The scene was revealed in a video taken by one of the woman’s friends. The footage shows Prajapati taking selfies on the edge of a rock. While doing so, she is surrounded by other people doing the same thing, including the man who accidentally pushed her. The unidentified man slipped and knocked the woman over.

Unable to keep her balance, she falls into the river and eventually gets carried away by the heavy flow. The chilling video ends with the screams of the people around Prajapati.

Credits: Suffian / Twitter

Reports revealed that it took 22 hours for the victim’s family and the fire department to find her body. 

Tragically, Prajapati’s devastating death is not a singular case of a person dying after taking a selfie. In fact, India is on top of the list for the highest number of deaths caused by selfie incidents.

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