Woman declares she’s “entitled” not to wear a face mask in Home Depot because she believes in “White Power”

A woman from Illinois said she believes in “white power” while she defended her decision to not wear a facemask at a Home Depot, a clip made available on social media shows. 

The woman, now known as Teti A. Hill, 54, reportedly got angry when another person reminded her to keep her own mask on while she was complaining to a worker that too many others were not wearing masks at a shop in McHenry.

“You know what she did?”  Sydney Waters, 34, wrote on Facebook. “She posted up. Told me I wasn’t going to tell her what to f–king do. Then she took her mask all the way off, put it in her pocket and let me [know] she was going to spit & cough on me.”

The misbehaving shopper said she did not have to abide by the store’s rules due to her skin color, the footage shows. 

“You’re disrespectful to everyone else in this store,” Waters told Hill. “The entitlement is disgusting.”

“Yes I am entitled,” Hill replied. “I’m white, I’m a woman.”

Waters then asked her why she felt so special, the footage shows.

“What does you being white have to do with you being able to get your way?” Waters asked.

“Because I’m a white woman,” Hill answered, video shows. “That’s what happens, I believe in white power.”

At one point, the two women started fighting and officers arrested Hill on charges of battery and disorderly conduct, as per the Northwest Herald. 

I was at The Home Depot this afternoon looking for storage walking & talking with a kind employee (Thank you to all of…

Posted by Sydney Waters on Friday, July 3, 2020

Both of them suffered minor injuries, but none of them wanted medical care, according to police.

Hill was brought in by police after investigators questioned witnesses at the shop and had a look at Waters’ footage, according to the paper.

She was since released but could not be reached for comment, as per the Northwest Herald.

Waters was not charged with anything. She reportedly also accused Hill of ripping her mask off as they fought on the ground.

“I’m not a spring chicken anymore — I have bruises everywhere,” Waters told the publication. “My shoulder is hurt. Nothing’s broken.”

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