Woman cooks steak for boyfriend but her cooking method is leaving people appalled

No matter if you’re a well-cooked or medium-rare type of person, you should be able to agree that cooking a good steak requires some finesse. 

In this story, however, American TikTok user Juliette shocked the web after she put two great-looking steaks to cook in the toaster.

Using the hashtag “#chef” she captioned the video: “Cooking steak for my boyfriend.”

In the now-viral video, Juliette sticks two raw steaks in her toaster and adjusts the heat setting to medium power. 

After turning the steaks a few times, she then took them out when they turned light-brown on the outside.

And when they cooled down a bit, Juliette went on to cover the meat in steak sauce and captured her first bite on video.

There’s no question, after cooking the steaks in such a gross way, Juliette will definitely have to thoroughly clean her toaster as what she did was highly unhygienic. 

Also, by using this weird method, the meat can never cook properly on the inside.

See Juliette’s viral video below.


Cooking steak for my boyfriend ❤️🥩 #foryou #cooking #chef

♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters – 🎄🎄🎄

Since it was posted, the video has been viewed millions of times, and needless to say, it sparked some interesting comments.

“I just watched a crime happen,” one person said.

Another wrote:

“Don’t toast it you DONUT.”

A third person jokingly said:

“Did this today! Now I’m in hospital.”

Other people simply dismissed the video as “disturbing and disgusting” and were also appalled by the lack of seasoning. 

One highly disturbed person said:

“You can tell how chewy it was…” *shivers*

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